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Let me just start off by saying if it wasnt for Bernie I would have been left at the first over priced hotel I was lead to. Then when I ventured out I would have listened to the first stranger I met who gave me some "advice" on where to go shop and the kicker, I would have learned that despite what my map says the train stations in New Delhi arent really there. I am not being a smart ass about this either the people of New Delhi are very attimate about where they want you to go and who to see. Despite all of which by the way happened in the first 15 minutes of the morning just outside of the hotel. Well after getting past all that I learned that saying no 15 times politley doesnt work when the same person is following you down the street trying to sell you something. I will give the salesmen props for not taking no for an answer. But when I have to throw the hand up and say no, and before they can speak again I say no, look away and give them the cold shoulder. Its frustrating ugh but a day full of education. New Delhi is  best described as sensory overload. It smelled of small engine fumes, spices and garbage. You had to watch where you were stepping and what was all around you, because you were basically shoulder to shoulder with people dodging motorcycles and rickshaws coming at you and behind you. All the while knowing your orientation, shouldering off salesman and peddlers alike and when you get a chance see if you still have your wallet. Despite all the hastle and the headaches Bernie and I got to walk around all the Bazaars, take a couple of rickshaw rides and visit the Red Fort. It actually didnt turn out to be a bad day, but a new perspective and a different experience im glad for that!  We also bought our train tickets to Agra to see the Taj tomorrow. Thats all for now.
bigbrewski says:
Hey buddy this is Ryan. Well it sounds like you had a bit of a rough start. Seems like you are taking good measure to get rid of that sickness so you can enjoy the rest of the trip. Yeah i guess you just have to be an asshole to those peddlers. Just be smart and don't be afraid to kick some ass...if need be. LOL. Well good luck buddy...I will be looking forward to your next story.
Posted on: Feb 04, 2008
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 Well as most of you know I was getting sick from my last entry so hears a recap and the rest of the story. It started with a soar throat when I got to London which I didnt think it was a big deal so I went out and about exploring. When we got back to the hotel I had a fever of 101 and tried to sleep it off. When I woke up after about 4 hours of sleep it went up to 102 so I started taking Medicine to try to break it. The medicine would bring it down to about 99.8 which was good. So we went on our way to the airport and while we where waiting for our plane to leave it went back up to 103! The airline called the paramedics to assist me but on there way apparently a lady collapsed in front of them and they obviously had to attend to her first. Then they called another set to get me but by that time my temp went down to 101 which was ok to fly with. So taking that as a sign to continue on we got on the flight. The medicine I was taking unfortunately had caffeine in it so it was like every 4 hours I was drinking a cup of coffee so I had very little rest the entire time. When we got to India my fever was averaging 102.8 with spurts above 103. Bernie very generously got us a nice 5 star hotel so I could rest and has been doing a great job taking care of me. For the last 2 days I did nothing but sleep and drink a couple gallons of water. My fever has finally broken without the assistance of medication now, so tomorrow I think depending on my situation we may venture out for alittle bit. The little I have seen of Delhi though is very different from anything else I have every experienced. On the cab ride over we passed by hundreds of homeless people and had children run out in the middle of traffic to our cab and ask for food. Very, Very sad. 
CharlesC says:
Ouch! What a way to start a trip... Hope you feel better soon.
Posted on: Feb 04, 2008
FarmerChad says:
Hey there pal. Hope you are hanging in there.
Posted on: Feb 03, 2008
astott16 says:
Stay healthy buddy. Do they ask for stuff because they know you are Americans? Not missing much here. Just a little ice.
Posted on: Feb 02, 2008
New Delhi
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