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Well to sum up the last three days would be impossible but im on a time limit with the computer. So here goes After waking up in Delhi we literally had to run to car awaytch our train and go through about 20 cars to get to our seat. When we got to Agra we got our tickets for our 12 hour train ride to Vadodara, then hired a rickshaw to take us to a hotel. Ended up staying in the Hilton which was like paradise in the middle of the desert. Then headed off to the Taj Mahal during sunset to catch some breath taking views. Next morning was spent relaxing and waiting for the trains which were late. Which ment we stowed away on another train to catch our main train at another station. This little capade if we would have goten caught would have lead to 6 months in jail. Slept in our sleeper car on the train which was different and kind of adventerous. When we got off we met our host and had breakfast at his friends house. We then went to a holy Mountain about an hour away where we met his other friend and had some lunch. Got pulled over by the police and then bribed them to let us go (standard practice here). Went to the top of the mountain was blessed and said a prayer. Then went down had some chai and visited another holy temple, which was wicked cool. We stood on a stone after saying a prayer and held a thought of what we really wanted, if the stone moved you would get your wich if it did nothing then sorry it aint happenen. Well this is the wierd part 2 of the other people that showed us around it didnt move for, but when I stepped on the stone it moved! Not only did it move but I cylcled 3 strong feelings of wishes that I had and every time I would lose a thought the stone would stop! It was erie! The stone is the size of a football and theres no one around you except an interpreter who sits away from you. I was freaked out! Then we came back to the city, and at a chinese stall along side the road. Now im just waiting to get sick, but Im trying trust our host, after asking him repeatidly if we would get sick. Ohh well thats a pretty quick sum up, but I will have the full story next time you see me.   Cheers 
bigbrewski says:
Wow man that place sounds freakin crazy. I am lovin it though...its like a saga...can't wait to hear what happens next. Good luck!
Posted on: Feb 08, 2008
astott16 says:
Dude you're starting to scare me. 'Wicked cool'?! And you're using words I don't compromendate. Hope your pepper spray hasn't been used. Any good beers? What is the weather like? Average here is like sunny, 75, nice cool evenings (low of 68)
Posted on: Feb 07, 2008
CharlesC says:
Sounds incredible... I hope you're taking lots of pictures!
Posted on: Feb 07, 2008
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photo by: shahrachit