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We drove around Punta del Este and saw two of it's most famous landmarks, La Mano (The Hand or The Drowned - weird name for a sculpture you put on a beach) on Brava Beach and the 'rollecoaster' bridge of La Barra. It does feel like you are riding a roller coaster when you drive fast along that bridge. We also saw went around and looked at the nice houses in Jose Ignacio which is apparently where the international jet set buy their houses. We read on a local paper, Shakira was actually in Jose Ignacio that weekend. Alas, no Shakira sighting was made. We just settled for a nice seafood lunch at this nice quaint restaurant, Tipico, in Jose Ignacio.

It was such a nice day we decided to hangout on a beach and get some sun.
Whoa, wait a minute! “Get some sun?” That doesn’t sound like me! It was actually Juanpi who decided he wanted to lie down on beach and exponentially increase his risk for skin cancer. Since he was the one driving, I guess I was getting some sun as well. I said I will try something new. So this time, it’s sun bathing in Uruguay.

Thirty minutes after we had lunch we found a nice stretch of beach between La Barra and Juan Ignacio which was actually quite easy given the miles upon miles of Atlantic coastline along the main roads of Punta del Este, La Barra, San Ignacio and Punta Ballena.
We rolled out the beach towels, turned on some Brazilian chill out music on the ipod and started soaking in the sun. I took out my book, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s, A Hundred Years of Solitude (which at the rate I have been reading it would take a hundred years!), and started to read.
Juanpi went for a dip into the water which was very cold for my taste, being used to the much warmer waters of the Subic Bay and the South China Sea! It was I believe around page 10 (I must have read Chapter One of this book about 30 times since I bought it five years ago but I digress) of the book that I started feeling really sleepy. It was also around this time that Juanpi decided he would go for a jog along the beach (which I would later find out would be a very long jog but to fair it was a very long stretch of beach).

Fast forward 45 minutes later and there I was waking up from my nap and seeing that my chest and belly was so red. It did not hurt (not yet anyway). So I turned my back and had my back now towards the sun. It was around this time that Juanpi returned from his jog and was smiling.
He said he saw me dozing off before his jog and thought it would be fun to see how burned I can get having fallen asleep on the beach at 2PM in the afternoon. Ah, good friends, where will you be without them!:-) More on my sun burn later . . .

We stayed for another couple of hours and watched wakeboarders by one of the nearby bays. We decided to leave the beach at around four thirty.

Before I continue, a slight digression, I bought a couple of CD’s the other day in Montevideo when we didn’t really like the music on most of the Uruguayan radio stations we tuned into. I bought CD’s of Sin Bandera, Miranda, Bajafondo and he only English language CD I saw that I liked in the music store we went to, The Black Eyes Peas.

I was so addicted to this Argentine band’s (Miranda's) single, Perfecta, after catching in on the local Argentine Warner Brothers and Universal TV stations not to mention being played everywhere I was in Argentina. I swear there is just something hypnotic about this song’s melody! I was also a big fan of Gustavo Santaolalla’s haunting musical scores that I just had to get my hands on Bajafondo’s Dulce del Mar after reading on a LAN in-flight magazine that he was a founder of the band.

To continue, the way back to Punta del Este was this nice stretch of road that hugged the Atlantic coast. I can’t remember when I saw sky that blue. Either my memory fails me or I just never had time to realize and fully appreciate moments like this.
Perfect argument for getting away from the daily grind and immersing one’s self into new experiences and fresh perspectives, expanding the mind and feeding the soul. In simple words, TO TRAVEL.

We decided to put on the Black Eyed Peas on the car’s CD player for the drive back. After a while, the Black Eyed Peas started singing in Filipino. What?! So I checked the CD cover and it was Bebot. I’ve heard about the song but have never listened to it. I thought it was still an English song and it just had the word Bebot (which is Pinoy slang for girl/lady) interspersed into the lyrics. So there I was on a coastal road in Punta del Este, blue skies, perfect sun, listening to a Filipino song by the Black Eyed Peas. What a perfect moment! It made me smile up until it turned into a frown when …

After getting a 20-minute traffic lesson in Spanish, which also emphasized a US$200.00 fine that needs to be paid on Monday morning (our flight was also on Monday!) we decided to pay the police 200 Argentine pesos (about US$65.00) to get out of the ticket.

sincitytraveler says:
Great blog and pics Mike! I'm headed to BA, Uruguay and Brazil in May :) How have you been?
Posted on: Mar 13, 2013
mikevirgo0824 says:
hahaha more like a morbid sense of humor! :-)
Posted on: Oct 21, 2008
Advoc8 says:
"...La Mano (The Hand or The Drowned - weird name for a sculpture you put on a beach)..."

Muuhahaha... I like that. The sculptor has an excellent sense of humour... :oP
Posted on: Oct 21, 2008
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Punta del Este
photo by: mikevirgo0824