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There are a lot of these travel blog and community sites out there, but this one seems to have the largest and friendliest communities.  It's international and on the second day of signing in, I already have a few smiles and hopeful posts. 

Everyone here shares the same goal: to live life to the fullest by experiencing the different cultures around the world.  I bet every one of us wishes we could spend a year absorbing the history and making the travel guide photographs imprinted into our memories with all of our other senses.  I often wish I could jump into those thousand words and smell the nearby bakeries or feel the warm water rush through my toes.  I've finally decided to stop dreaming and actually go to these destinations and come back to share my own stories and photographs describing beauty, peace, friendship, and happiness.

I've been wriitng personal journals for some time now, but I've often ignored well thoughtout ideas with multiple supporting facts and justifications like the humanities classes in high school suggested. Actually that type of writing never really came up with engineering papers and labs anyway.  My personal style, as it'll come evident through these entries, just flows randomly with long-winded rants about whatever my mind thinks about at the time.  I could probably refine most of these ideas and fragments into something more readable, but why would I do that if I'm not being graded.  The real reason for all of these blogs and journal entries is so that I can look back to these experiences when I'm older and say that I once lived - that I didn't become another zombie in the engineering or startup or finance world.  Before any of that stuff starts, I want to take a deep breath and feel alive.  These generic desires have caused me much trouble.  The whole idea sounds like I heard it in some drama tv show or read it in a crazy scifi book trying to explain the world... but I've come to make it my own.  Perhaps saying "I think I'll take a year off to travel before I get a full time job" isn't the best way to put it to my parents.  I guess if I said "I feel the need to open my eyes to different cultures and experience lifestyles while analyzing overseas markets for my future career" they would have had less furrowed eyebrows.  Well... we only live once, so why not say that this one year made me worldly and more appreciative.  I mean, I'll have stories about living overseas and eating exotic foods for a lifetime.  I can picture myself as that grandpa saying "when I was your age... Pluto was still a planet and I traveled Europe with a passport and a camera."

So given these aspirations - everyone has their own reasons for traveling, but everyone here does want to get out of where they are (probably just to find out that it's just about the same everywhere else), I am starting my journey to getting the most out of life before I start the whole 9-5 routine thingy.  I'm getting started by reading some travel blogs for suggested places.  I'll document my findings.  I'm for sure going to Japan for study abroad over the summer (June to Aug 2008), but the trip I'm talking about will be around this time next year (Jan 2009) for about 6 months to Europe.  It's going to be relatively cheap and I'm considering either getting one of those oneway around the world tickets or just living in Germany and traveling to a different European country with an unlimited train pass.  I need to plan more about how junky I want this to be since I'd really want to document my adventures.  Maybe I'll stay somewhere and get a job? Write a book? Learn a new language every month?  Oh, I really can't wait.

~See Lemons as a TravBuddy

ys484 says:
Nice blog!
Posted on: Feb 28, 2008
reikunboy says:
i like this blog good to see someone express their feelings and emotions now you just have to tell your parents
Posted on: Feb 12, 2008
sylviandavid says:
Nice blog.... looking forward to your travels and pictures.....
Posted on: Jan 27, 2008
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