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What an amazing little island.  I stayed near Lahaina on the NW shore but travelled all over the island with my buddy.  The car we rented was a complete junker, but the 'lil Nissan held up somehow. I thought for sure we were going to breakdown when we drove the thing from sea level up to 10,000+ ft at the top of Halaekala.  Fortunately the car made it and we were treated to one of the most incredible views ever, that of the massive weather eroded crater nessled in the ominous peak.  From the summit, and it's frigid temperatures, it's hard to believe you're on one of the most incredible tropical islands in the world.  It's a stark contrast from the lush, winding curves of the Hana Highway.  Earlier in the week we had set off, in our styling ride, for the village of Hana on the opposite end of the island.   We had planned on spending the night in the car, tucked away, avoiding the high cost of Hawaiian lodging, however it was slowly getting darker, and we weren't finding any hospitable parking places.  Fortunately we found a hostel-like inn that had some rooms for cheap (Hawaiian cheap that is), and enjoyed a night of rum and cards.  The next morning morning we leisurely made our way back along the Hana highway, avoiding all the tourists coming for day trips from the center of the island.  One of the coolest things we did that morning was go snorkling in these fresh water caves at Wainapanapa state park.  We dawned our gear and crawled into the frigid (yes, FRIGID) water and swam back into the darkness.  It was definitely a bit freaky, but totally worth it.

Even though it was just a week, we ran ourselves into the ground, exploring the island, under water, on the land and in the air! I recommend the island to anyone who has the chance to go there, and whatever you do, don't just spend all your time sitting on a beach!

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photo by: danielrice20