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The small temple at Coba.

There is no doubt that the temple at Chichen Itza is incredible and pretty much impossible to match as far as the magnitude of size and apparent perfection. However, Coba is awesome because you can still climb the steps up to the top of it unlike most of the other ruins.  Unfortunately there are too many incidents of people who fall down these incredibly steep steps.  Granted, looking down such steps, there is no doubt that one misstep and you’re headed to the bottom and most likely to your death.  Anyway, the thought of tripping over your own two feet and tumbling ass over teakettle really doesn’t deter me.  I would climb all of them if I could.


Now that said, the picture here shows a guy that is probably pooped out enough from the climb up to possibly stumble and fall.

Me at the top of the Coba big temple.
  Unfortunately people without a sense of what they are capable of generally ruin it for those of us who are.  Anyway, people should pay attention that they’re climbing a steep set of steps a few hundred feet into the air in 90 degree, highly humid weather.  If you’re beat red and your legs are wobbly by the time you reach the top, you miscalculated.  Anyway the view over the top of the jungle was awesome and the little ancient worn carvings in the stone at the top were also quite interesting.  I definitely would have liked to see the temple when the Mayans were at the height of their power.


Additionally at Coba there are various sites that indicate how the surrounding town would have been laid out.  It was fun to hike through the trails and check out the various points of interest.  Coba also has a smaller version of the Mayan ball court.  The game where the losers get their heads removed!

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The small temple at Coba.
The small temple at Coba.
Me at the top of the Coba big temp…
Me at the top of the Coba big tem…
The big temple at Coba.
The big temple at Coba.
The jungle view from atop the big …
The jungle view from atop the big…
photo by: voordax