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The waterfront in front of Avarua Township.

We  returned from our nice warm (well...... more very hot and humid really) holiday in Rarotonga.


We can thoroughly recommend the Cook Islands as a great place for a real lazy holiday. There is not a great deal to do there except make your own fun and laze and swim etc.


There is a great bus service that goes around the whole island several times a day as is very cheap, one of the first things we did on arrival was to take this bus into town of Avarua, the only town on the island, where we bought in supplies for snacks and lunches, and wandered around exploring, before returning, via the bus right around the island so we could have a quick look all around.

Muri Beach, the smallest island.
Muri Beach looked especially nice and we decided we must go back there to the lovely beaches.


Most people hire motor scooters or bikes or small cars, but we are not comfortable on a motor scooter and drive a car all the time, so we looked around for something else we could get around on.


We hired a 'Fun-mobile' a  funny type of scooter- moter-biky thingy (maybe like a golf cart) that you sit side by side in, there are roll bars over the roof in case of very bad driving, but they were not actually used! We roared around the whole island laughing all the way, took lots of back lanes - ended up in peoples back yards, even picnicked mistakenly in someone's garden! But the people are so friendly and nice that no one minds the silly tourists that do these things.


There was tropical fruit - banana, pawpaw, passionfruit and lots that we didn't know the names of, that we could have picked and tried if we wanted as they virtually grow as weeds along the side of the road.

The Rarotongian Church we attended, surrounded with grave stones!
We had no need to flog any as there was heaps available at the resort - we ate masses of these.


The Island nights where there is a feast and an island dancing show were good, there was lots of waggling tails as the dancing girls and guys, did their versions of the hula. It looked hard to do unless you were pretty fit. Rather noisy with all the drumming. Very enjoyable evenings, with a few cocktails to make sure, everyone was happy.


We didn't snorkel or scuba dive but we did swim every day and watch some spectacular sunsets and make lots of friends at the happy hour most nights.


Another highlight was watching an All Blacks rugby game on a large screen at one of the local bars.

Lovely tropical sunset.
made more of a highlight because our favourite team won ... and well.

We were out on Friday Night drinking tour! An amazing thing for us as very moderate drinking taxi drivers, but it was fun to actually be among the merry makers ( drunks Erle says) and we found there were many more bars and night clubs than we realized. The final bar we were taken to was a 'gay' bar now that was interesting!  Not somewhere we had ever been before. Erle found all these bars too noisy but I quite enjoyed my evening out, we had a little dance now and again, and it got us introduced to 20 other people staying at Edgewater, from now on every time we came to breakfast at least one of them would call out to us, and we found ourselves drawn in to the evening happy hours where we indulged in Pina Coladas and nibbles while watching the sunset, in a group of fun people.


We also enjoyed a festival with lots of floral floats in the main street of Avarua, and went to the big Market day, where there was a big concert to entertain everyone and lots of food and drink stalls plus plenty of souveniors and good handicrafts,  Erle bought me a lovely black pearl pendant, a special one that has a raised ring around it and its quite a pretty colour too, I am most pleased with it.

Festival day dancing girls.


We attended and Island Church service in the local Church, all the ladies were dressed in their finest gowns and special hats and the men in heavy black suits and ties, the singing was wonderful all harmonized, mostly in their own language but a couple of songs were in English and we were ablr to join in. After the service we were invited for a cup of coffee, which turned out to be an all afternoon feast, apparently it was a pot-luck dinner day, so we enjoyed a lovely meal and chatted for the afternoon with the locals.


We stayed at Edgewater resort, in the cheap seats, not in a beach front appartment, but in a block of two story motels at the back, in the gardens, but it still had a nice little balcony with its veiw of the ocean and lagoon and the tropical gardens with all the coconut palms and tropical flowers. We thought it was a good option.


All in all we enjoyed ourselves and recon we might well go back.

The Rarotongian well endured 'God-Man' Statue! in the Avarua township.
I am not sure its good to be back - its darn chilly here after the balmy weather.





cheritraveler says:
Loved your blog! Especially the part about the "Fun-Mobile."
Posted on: Feb 19, 2008
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The waterfront in front of Avarua …
The waterfront in front of Avarua…
Muri Beach, the smallest island.
Muri Beach, the smallest island.
The Rarotongian Church we attended…
The Rarotongian Church we attende…
Lovely tropical sunset.
Lovely tropical sunset.
Festival day dancing girls.
Festival day dancing girls.
The Rarotongian well endured God-…
The Rarotongian well endured 'God…
Me with the lei I was presented wi…
Me with the lei I was presented w…
Blazing skies of Rarotonga
Blazing skies of Rarotonga
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Outrigger canoos on Muri Beach.
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Lazing on the beach at Edgewater …
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We decorated up our Fun-mobile wi…
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Me on the wharf Avano where all t…
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Concert at market Day.
Erle bathed in the last rays of su…
Erle bathed in the last rays of s…
Erle with his lei on the balcony.
Erle with his lei on the balcony.
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