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Having known Mark and Wayne for most of the year.. I finally got the courage to visit them in their hometown of Chesterfield. I'd heard many a story of wild nights, and random incidents taking place in this far away village and was quite worried about how I would manage a whole week up there. Never-the-less.. it had to be done. I don't think Bondy (Mark) would ever have forgiven me if I'd not made it up. It worked out quite well though as Friday 10th we'd be catching a bus from Sheffield to Edinburgh for out Scotland trip. Plus I had some females on my side. Waynes girlfriend Steph was now living with them, TB Ashley was coming up on the Wednesday and joining us in Scotland, and Lori was also coming up Wednesday just for a night as she had work in the area.

The plan was to go up on the Saturday but Bondy convinced me that the best night out was a Friday night. He lured me up with promises of an Indie club which sold 80p pints!! That sure had me making the trip up a day early. What a liar...

Well I got into Chesterfield in the early arvo.. spying the crooked Spire on the way in that the town is famous for. Bondy met me at the station and his friend Adam gave us a lift back to Bondys. Welcome to the Bach Pad.... These boys are shocking. They believe its only necessary to clean up after themselves about once a week and it's mostly poor Steph doin the cleaning. They also have a strongbow addiction.. the evidence lies behing their couch. There are hundreds of empty bottles and cans which they are collecting to build their strongbow christmas tree!! Yeah right... more that they're just lazy bastards!

Anyway we started drinking and Bondy tried to cook me dinner. We had pasta which may have been nice if we'd had all the ingredients. Milk was a main ingredient into this packet gourmet.... but lacking that, Bondy just added extra water. So it was like eating soup with pasta bits floating around in it. The croquettes were nice though... at least he managed to cook them! Anyway.. we started drinking, playing some Wii Bowling which I was actually quite good at. Eventually we headed into the 'Tarn, our first stop was a new bar in the area. We got free champagne on arrival and I also bought a cocktail. We sat around drinking, chatting to some of Mark and Waynes friends. There was a disaster with a drowned bar fly which Steph and Wayne found quite painful.

After that we headed to another bar near the crooked spire.. but they were serving last drinks and we soon got kicked out. Thats when we head to the Indie club for 80p pints! Oh the excitement. Well its was actuall 1quid alco pops.. some nasty stuff that tasted like lemonade with an extra cup full of sugar. Never mind! It was a good night, the music was awesome, we danced until the club closed and then we loitered around til we got a taxi home. All in all.... not a bad first impression of Chesterfield.



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photo by: matthew