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scuba diving for my Open Water Certification

I got up early and hit the road for Wetherill State Park (about a two-hour drive) for my open water scuba training in Narragansett Bay in Fort.  I’d done my other training in YMCA swimming pools, but the only interesting things to see were the flurry of opaque mystery solids and the occasional used bandage suspended in the water.

It was so much more interesting to dive in a natural environment.  There was a thick layer of silt on sea floor that clouded the water in a murky brown fog whenever one of us kicked too close to the bottom, so many of our tests were performed in poor visibility.  It was still a thrill to experience the sea as I never had before.  I swam peacefully through the long grasses and seaweeds that, if not for my ability to see with the benefit of my scuba mask, would have freaked me out to encounter.  Had I been a swimmer at the surface that very same plant life brushing past a foot would evoke a frantic reflex flight reaction.

My left ear felt plugged up for the last dive and, unable to equalize, I had to ascend, but the rest of the day was really good.  I was home by 3:30pm and took a 3-hour nap.

Returning for day two of my training on Sunday, I missed an exit, but still made it there on time.  It was fun to be in the water again and I was excited when we were done.  All went well during the testing and I earned my certification to dive!  My ride home was less thrilling, however.  On Route 72 toward Bristol, a cop stopped me for speeding and gave me a $230 ticket.  Grrr!  I wasn’t even going all that fast, but speeding tickets are a popular revenue source for the government in my state and the fines are huge.

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scuba diving for my Open Water Cer…
scuba diving for my Open Water Ce…
photo by: LisaLeni