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my borrowed tent at Morningside Flight Park

What a great weekend, camping was a blast!  I borrowed a tent from my brother and took a ride with some college friends up to Morningside Flight Park in Charlestown, New Hampshire.  It was a two-night camping and hang gliding weekend outing.  Less than a three-hour ride, we drove up on Friday afternoon and set up camp before dark.  That night we picked up some groceries from a local store, cooked out for a nice dinner of meat and potatoes, and drank by the campfire.


On Saturday we had our hang gliding lessons and practiced setting up and running with our gliders.  The instructors had us practice on a hill so we were able to run down the hill and feel a little lift, but none of us really got in the air for more than a split second.

gliders in flight above Morningside Flight Park
  It was cool, but we didn’t get enough chances to try to gain flight time because of an instructor who wouldn’t stop talking.  He wasted a lot of our time.  Hoping for a bit more thrill, a few of us signed up for tandem aero tow flights.


After carrying around a glider all day without getting to fly, I was eager for my turn on the aero tow.  We took turns strapping in to the wheeled glider with an instructor.  A winch powered by a car engine pulled us with a long cable along the grassy field at until we left the ground.  When we were high enough, the instructor released the towline and we sailed above the valley.  It was such a silent, peaceful flight and a fun experience.  It wasn’t as educational as I would have liked though; I was just passengers holding on to the instructor’s jumpsuit handles while he flew the glider.

Evans ready to glide at Morningside Flight Park (running down the grassy hill, I didn't get more than a half a meter off the ground)


Once we’d all finished hang gliding and turned in our gear, we returned to the campsite to make our dinner again.  First, we hiked through woods and collected as much deadwood as we could find to build a large bonfire.  Again we had fun drinking and laughing around the fire before zipping into our tents for the night to escape the mosquitoes.


Sunday rained, so we decided to call it quits for the weekend to save some money.  We packed up camp, fed the goats and sheep, and got home around 3:30 pm.  It only cost me $50 and I had a great three days camping and drinking with eight super cool people.
moogleslam says:
I'm hoping to go paragliding here in 2010 - can't wait!
Posted on: Feb 25, 2010
ted332 says:
Cool blog!
Posted on: Jan 24, 2008
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my borrowed tent at Morningside Fl…
my borrowed tent at Morningside F…
gliders in flight above Morningsid…
gliders in flight above Morningsi…
Evans ready to glide at Morningsid…
Evans ready to glide at Morningsi…
fellow camper enjoying the bonfire…
fellow camper enjoying the bonfir…
our campsite at Morningside
our campsite at Morningside
photo by: ctjevans