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Okay, I'm finally ready to blog about my trip to New York. Stefanie and I had an amazing time together and we pretty much covered all of Manhattan....in one day. I'll get to that later on during this post.

I was picked up at the airport on Wednesday by my contact at First Empire (remember this was partly a business trip) and Walter took me to a steakhouse called Boulder Creek. I think Boulder Creek might be chain restaurant similar to The Outback. Anyhow, Walter and I got along very well, which made it nice to have someone you can easily converse with. After dinner he took me back to the hotel where we sat at the bar and had a few drinks. While at the bar I quickly remembered that I can drink twice as much alcohol at sea level then I can here in the mountains. Wednesday night I didn't drink much, but later on I did....
I spent all day Thursday at First Empire learning some ALM techniques and learning about bonds. Walter took me to lunch at a Sushi restaurant that was very good. During our lunch break he was kind enough to drive me out to the barrier islands of Long Island. Oddly, we saw about 20 deer while we were on the islands. I see deer just about everyday but apparently Walter isn't use to seeing them so he was a little shocked. After the day was over I waited at the hotel for Walter to tie up some loose ends....actually I waited at the bar and began drinking. By the time Walter made it to the hotel I had already downed two rum and cokes (at record time I must add).

Dinner was spent at an Italian restaurant just a few blocks from the hotel called Mario's. This was a five star Italian restaurant and my first "real" Italian restaurant experience. Here we ate some yummy bread, seafood bisque, caeser salad, stuffed portobello mushrooms, lump crab with angel hair pasta, and tiramisu. Oh, did I mention we also drank wine??? I had four glasses of wine during this meal. Needless to say, I was feeling very good by the time we left, at which point we ran into the owner's wife of First Empire and Walter couldn't remember her name. After dinner we went back to the hotel and I downed yet two more rum and cokes.

The real fun began on Friday when Stefanie and I were able to meet at Penn Station. I spent most of the day relaxing in the hotel room to pass the time before catching a cab to the Brentwood Train Station. I was instructed to catch a train at Brentwood that would take me into Penn Station where I would meet up with Stef (who was coming in on Amtrak). This was the first time I have ever made that type of adventure on my own and I must say I was pretty proud of myself. It was a pretty uneventful trip, the cab driver was nice and I didn't have to deal with weird people on the train. Once I located Stef through the maze of people we decided to make our way to Times Square. Stef was really wanting to see Times Square at night so we could experience the lights. We wondered around Times Square for a few hours going in and out of some of the shops, when we eventually landed at Planet Hollywood for dinner.
After we had seen enough in Times Square we boarded the train again to go back to Long Island. Once we got into Brentwood Station we had another cab ride to our hotel. The was our first experience with "Mr. Child Molester" and his little hooker friend....notice I said first experience. For some reason the cab driver reminded me of someone you would see on a flyer with a missing child...so I nicknamed him "Mr. Child Molester".
Stefanie and I went to bed at 12:30am only to wake up at 2:30am on Saturday morning to begin our day in the city. Yes we only had two hours of sleep...we were actually calling it a mere nap rather than sleep. So, I think I'll leave all of you at this point and I'll explain tomorrow night why we got up so darn early and a few more tales of Mr. Child Molester.
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New York
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