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            Throughout my entire experience in Brazil I discovered so many misconceptions in all aspects of life there that it is hard to believe.  Whether it was government activity, police, ineffective infrastructure, or the mysterious jeitinho, Brazil was one of the quirkiest places I have ever seen.  Every day was a mystery as to what was going to happen and what logic, if any, was driving it.

            As I’ve mentioned before (yet can’t get over) is the amount and type of government activity.  Police are almost nonexistent in every place we went to in Brazil, and those that were there didn’t seem interested in doing too much.  The few police kiosks I saw in Sao Paulo contained a few cops smoking, giving us weird looks, and (possibly inadvertently) blocking our path on the sidewalks.  It’s a wonder that there aren’t more riots and unrest with the seemingly lazy police the nation has to offer.  One of the most interesting problems that I encountered was their overt racism.  In a country made up of many different ethnicities, one would think that racism wouldn’t even be an issue.  That thought aside though, it boggled my mind to see signs with boa aprencia (good appearance) on them, alluding to not allowing non-whites in certain apartments, jobs, etc.  The most amazingly obvious problem with Brazil that I noticed had to do with their infrastructure.  In Sao Paulo we got to see the subway system with its completely laid out map of lines and named stops that didn’t exist.  I couldn’t even fathom why they would do that and how they got away with boldly displaying such a lie all over the train system of the world’s 3rd largest city.  Yet, no one seemed to mind and no one had an explanation for any of it.  Therefore I just accepted it as a character trait for Brazil.

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photo by: vulindlela