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This day we would visit Tikal a beautiful site with beautiful structures. Although we had a beautiful hotel and sunrise a disadvantage of group traveling was there. Our tourguide wanted to sleep very long so we missed the sunrise at the piramids of Tikal, bummer but maybe if I visit Guatemala again I definately will be on a top of a piramid very early. After having a great breakfast we went with two minivans to the surroundings of Tikal. Linda and I had bad luck our gay tour guide Paul came to sit next to us so we had to sit with three people at a row in the minivan. Of course it became worse :-D. He began to talk and never stopped. While he was talking I saw a huge nose hear coming out of his nose which curled to the tip of his nose.

Waaaaahhh I won't want to see this, help me!! Of course he talked with consumption and I definately had to bring my umbrella with me because I wasn't dry anymore when I got out of the cramped minivan.

The temperature was very good to walk. We bought tickets and saw a macquette of Tikal. It was already very impressive on the macquette and after buying some drinks we were ready to go! First we stopped at a little lake, our Guatamalean guide explained the meaning of this lake but I was getting stabbed by a black flying creature. I'm glad Theo warned me as the fly had already tasted some of my blood. I rolled my trousers down to my feet and of course I forgot everything our Guatemalean guide told me :-( We walke further to the Tikal tree. It so large that you can't cross the tree with four man and of course it's branches are very characteristic.

Furthermore the guide told a lot of stuff about the piramids. Only 30% is excavated. We had free time to visit the piramamids and it was great to walk around. We climbed at one piramid, which had a very narrow strairway. Luckily I'm not afraid of hights but if you are just go downwards at your buttocks!! On the piramids you really have a great view over the area and if you're going to the large piramid you'll have an astonishing view over the jungle. As we came together with the group at the meeting point we walked further. Then suddenly we saw in the treetops some monkeys although they were really quiet. Very clever of them to take a nap at that time of day!!


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photo by: Biedjee