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After visiting the statue park with Olmec heads we drove to Palenque. We saw a lot of different landscapes and finaly arrived at the nice hotel Nututun in the middle of the jungle. The hotel had a nice setting with an open reception and bungalows. The hotel had a very nice restaurant situated nearby a little stream. If you would like you're able to sleep in a tent on the camping site. In the evening we had dinner with the group in the hotel restaurant and a couple of drinks. While walking to the restaurant we heard a howler, boy what a noice but very impressive to hear. After dining and the drinks we walked back. I felt a drop and said watch out for heavy tropical rain. While saying it, I was just joking, the clouds poured heavy rain. We ran as fast as we could to reach our hotel rooms ;-)

The next day we visited Palenque the hidden city in the jungle.

On our way to the site it was already very impressive. Just standing their between the palaces was really amazing. We had a guide and he told us as it was very hot and moisty that day we would have rain. Well it looked sunny to us. But he had the knowledge and the exeperience so of course we believed him. He told very much of the kings who lived in the city and especial the very well known king Pekal ( I hope I pronounce it right, I'll look it up back at home). At the end of the tour with this wonderful guide in Palenque we were able to climb the piramids, which gave us a breathtaking view. And of course nice pictures. As it was very hot that day we drove further to take a swim in one of the waterfalls. One waterfall which is very famous is Misoll Ha and Agua Azul.
It was very nice to walk behind the waterfall and of course swimming in the cool blue water. Suddenly one of our travellers fell down for a couple of meters, he took a short cut and not the path. Because of the water moist of the waterfall it was a bit slippery. Because the man was a bit older we were very concerned but fortunately he didn't hirt himself and had only some muddy clothes. After the waterfall adventure we were going back to change our clothes to have a dinner into town.

The restaurant very nice and the ATM wasn't very far a way. In my enthousiasm I pressed the button saying: A lot of money AAAAAHHhhhhhh I don't want that. I quickly pressed cancel and tried another time and got the right amount of money out of it. The resaurant was tiny and a bit dark but had nice lamps and of course we brought our flaslight with us. So we could read the menu. I had some spicy stuff which was really nice enchalada with salsa verde. There were Macharachas and of course our gay Paul. Between the headdish and the desert he dissapeared but of course it cought my eye.....

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Waterfall Misol Ha
Waterfall Misol Ha
Waterfall Misoll Ha
Waterfall Misoll Ha
Behind the waterfall Misol Ha
Behind the waterfall Misol Ha
Beautiful flowers nearby the water…
Beautiful flowers nearby the wate…
photo by: monky