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After traveling in beautiful nature for about 4.000 km we arrived in the concrete jungle of Acapulco. As we drove into one of the first streets Linda and I thought the same thing. We wanted back to nature and the nice little cities of Guatemala and Mexico. Tall appartments and huge hotels were built on small strips right next to the beach or were crammed up to the hill. The hotel where we would stay a couple of nights were just as big as the other hotels but luckily we had seasight. We dropped our luggage and wanted to take a swim in the ocean, hahaha wrong thought. Other tourist tried to swim in the ocean but the waves were too big, they were thrown ashore as they were seals which was of course a very funny sight. We decided to walk further across the tide line and walked half in the ocean an half on the beach.

We returned and it was definately better if we tried the swimming pool at the hotel which was very good with beds. :-) After relaxing and sunset we wanted to try out one of the restaurants with a nice view over the ocean. Of course we took a shower before having dinner.

I'm always the one checking the bathroom first but this night Linda headed first to the shower. After a while I heard her screaming?! Simultaneously somebody knocked on the door, it was the maid checking if we had enough towels. Of course that was it: we hadn't got any towels. Well not exactly, Linda was all covered with towels explaining what was wrong in the bathroom. A huge blistering hang down off the ceiling. Aperently there has ever been a leak. As a result of showering, the blister had become really huge and threatend to come down. As the maid was only speaking Spanish she got help. After ten minutes a handyman (or boy) came in, had a look at the problem and went away again. After ten minutes the telephone rang. If we wanted to change rooms. Of course. It's nice to have a shower without the ceiling. So we changed rooms :-)

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photo by: vulindlela