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Today we woke up early as the bus with our busdriver Franscesco would drive us to the border of Mexico and Guatemala. As we hadn't any breakfast we stopped at a restaurant which was nothing more the a lot of wood and was very open. When I handed over a cup for the tea at Linda it appeared that a spider crawled into it, hahaha sorry Linda I didn't do that on purpose ;-) After leaving the restaurant we drove for a while but suddenly Francesco had to stop as there was a roadblock. We weren't allowed to drive further. I haven't seen that much people on the road. After a while one man handed a note to our bus driver with a declaration why the group of people had stopped us. It appeared that there was a fight over a piece of land and that they claimed the goverment to solve the problem.

Crossing the border from Mexico to Guatemala
Fortunately after one hour we were allowed to drive further. A couple of days later we heared that they block the road completely and nobody was allowed to go through. We arrived at the customs where the douanier stamped our passports. We ate at a little cantina where they had internet!! After lunch we hopped onto small boats. Two young boys crossed us over from Mexico to Guatemala.

Arriving at the other side of the river there were many kids to carry our suitcases and money traders. I changed a couple of dollars and gave some kids some candy. We drove with mini vans for three hours at unpaved roads before arriving in Tikal. Here we had a luxureous hotel with even a guard in front of the entrance. Although it was a very great hotel the walls between the rooms were to thin or our neighbour snored to loud :-D


geokid says:
Nice pics and story!
Posted on: Feb 22, 2009
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Crossing the border from Mexico to…
Crossing the border from Mexico t…
photo by: Biedjee