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After looking at several travel destinations my friend and I agreed to travel to Mexico and Guatemala. We arranged it in the summer of 2006 so we had to wait a couple of months. We traveled with KLM and bought the tickets together we set miles away from each other in the airplane. But we were able to switch seats and sat along each other after all. I would be our first 11 hour flight :-) We flew above the United Kingdom, a tip of Nothern Ireland and just the southern part of Greenland and above Canada. We didn't see much of the USA because it was all covered with clouds. Besides that we weren't allowed  to get off our seats only if we really had to go to the small room. And we weren't allowed to talk in groups. All this because we were flying above the USA?! You wonder how they will check or control this.

Finally we entered Mexico and the city of 20 million people. You just land in the city of Mexico. We arrived at customs and you had to press a button. If the light turned green you was allowed to walk through, if it would turn red you're baggage would be searched through. The people in front of me had green lights. And then it was my turn. Ohhhh no!! The light turned into red!! I had to go with a nice lady to a large table. I put my suitcase on top of it... Unlocked it and she looked into one stack of clothes and it was alright. This was everything? Ok I think I looked very trustworhty but this was very quick!! Caramba, I packed my suitcase in and locked it moved to the exit and I was reunited with my friend again ;-) We pinned our first peseta's

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