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So last night, our generator broke and weren't on shore power because we didn't have an actual 'spot' at the dock (it was so crowded when we got there that we were assigned a spot along the wall).  Everyone was miserable from like 1 or 2am onward because we had no ventilation and were all hot and sticky, plus all the noises seemed amplified since we were already uncomfortable!  Jesse got up and opened our hatch window, but it was raining lightly so that didn't last long.  Also, the mosquitos were having a heyday... THAT was fun too. 

So everyone woke up in a rotten mood, and our last morning together was mostly stressful and harried and we were all doing jobs we didn't like (like cleaning out the rotten food from the freezer when the drain decided not to work, etc).  By the time we made it back to the Moorings, everyone had just about had enough of everyone else.... lol.  The rest of the clan had all flown together (from Charleston) and they left earlier than we did, so we just hung out by the pool and left our bags in the reception area.  Then, a crazy taxi ride back to the airport (sometimes I wonder how many silly minivans actually DON'T make it up those inclines :)

Home, here we come!

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photo by: Andy99