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After a mad dash in the pouring rain to the train station, I made my train by about two minutes. I think if you can run with a 65 litre backpack without problems, it's probably the backpack for you!

I arrived in Brussels and had three hours to kill until my train to Paris. I did the normal touristy things, with one of the highlights being seeing this little statue that pees water. He's usually dressed up in different costumes but he wasn't today so that was kind of disappointing haha. Trying to navigate the city when I left the train station was difficult as not all streets have names on them. I only found my way by following the "Manneken-Pis" signs which is the name of the statue, and the city mascot.

After seeing the wonderful statue and buying a bottle opening / corkscrew that looks like him (the corkscrew is where his wee wee would be haha), I headed to the main square and ate a world famous Belgian waffle. You don't need anything on it since the sugar is baked into its wafflely goodness.

After that, I just wandered along the streets trying to kill some time and sat on a big staircase with a bunch of other people that were watching people walk by and sewned on some country badges to my backpack.

As I walked towards the train station Midi (the train station for international departures), I could tell I was leaving touristy Brussels and was entering real life Brussels, as the shops changed from restaurants to second hand stores and it literally started to smell. Gross. My last memory of Brussels is the smell of urine. Needless to say, it's not on my top 10 lists of places I want to return to!

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photo by: Vlindeke