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So I'm thinking that today was my worst backpacking day. I guess I've been pretty lucky since the weather has been very cooperative over the past (however many weeks) I've been travelling, but today was long, wet and cold.

As I'm still recovering from my time spent in Greece (and because I no longer have a watch or alarm clock) I decided to sleep in. I had cereal for breakfast for the first time since Nice (mmmmm I didn't realize how much I missed it!). The train ride to Venice was about 3 hours or so. I was hoping that the weather would get nicer as I got closer, but it didn't. I left the train station and into the rain (without an umbrella or a rain jacket or hood). The hostel I was looking for seemed to be easy to find according to the directions. I wandered around for about a half hour and gave up. I figured I might as well move on that night since I figured a day wandering around in the rain was enough to see Venice and the weather the next day was supposed to be the same.

The joy of wandering around with no plan is that you can go where ever you want. I literally went to a ticket machine and typed in cities that were a night train away. I was hoping to go to Prague but it was full, so I bought a ticket for Munich, which is another night train away from Prague. With the train departing at 11pm I had a good 7 hours to explore.

For the rest of the day, I wandered around trying to see as much as possible. The rain did let up at times but then poured for a bit to make up for it. I read in my guidebook that one of the joys of Venice is to wander around and get lost. That sounds like a blast except when it's pouring rain! Overall I wasn't impressed with Venice and had heard some people that loved it and others that didn't 'feel it'. I'm in the latter category. Even if it had been sunny, I don't think my opinion would change much. It was pretty much the same thing over and over with (hundreds?) of shops all selling the same thing, glass and scarves. The numerous shops were a nice way to get out of the rain though. The canals are kind of neat but the water is brown. I did see one group of people on a gondola, but that's it. Next time, I will visit when it's sunny.

I was hoping to buy a sweater with 'Italie' on it but I couldn't find one that didn't look really cheap and ugly. I did buy a couple souvenirs though. I bought a devil made of glass and a necklace and ring, all made by the Murano glass Venice is famous for. So basically, instead of spendng money on an umbrella, I spent it on jewelry and gelato (which by the way, was not good and I *gasp* threw it away). You know you're having a bad day when even the gelato isn't good!

For supper, I decided to treat mýself with a 4 course meal and a half litre of wine. The wine definitely helped the time go by faster! On my way to the train, I met two guys from Vancouver. They were heading to Nice but we were departing at the same time. When I checked the departures board for my platform, it also said Nice. Trying to make sure I didn't end back in France, I asked a worker there that didn't speak English, but spoke French! Apparently, my train was connected to the Nice bound train but that my carrage was going to be disconnected in a town an hour away to continue on to Munich. I thought that was pretty cool.

This was my first night train and I paid for a couchette which is six bunk beds in a small room. So you get a bed, but you have strangers also sleeping in the room. I ended up with three guys, two 20 somethings from Texas and an old man that snored so bad one of the guys referred to him as a chainsaw. Needless to say, I didn't get a lot of sleep!

So here I am, in Munich, at my hostel at 7:30am and can't check in until 2pm. I may end up sleeping on the floor in the lobby!


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photo by: asturjimmy