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Last night was our last night on the boat. We had to be off the boat by 9am and after a late night, it was really rough getting out of bed.

The six of us were pretty exhausted and Kiwi ladies had a hostel so Linda, Monika and I went to a park to have a nap in the shade. When we woke up, I realized I didn't have my purse. Before freaking out, we walked back to the hostel to see if I had left it there. Once we realized it was gone, we went back to the park and picked up Sarah along the way that was going to help in the search. We had almost left the park, after looking in bushes and garbage cans and then Linda saw a creepy man she had seen earlier. We walked over to them and noticed my purse on a garbage can. We walked over to the creepy, druggie guy and his (what we think is his girlfriend / a prostitute) and told them to give me my stuff back.

He had my sunglasses on his head, my memory stick in his hand, he was saying something in what sounded like gibberish. The girls started going into his pockets and found my wallet and passport and some Croatian money. Linda slapped him a few times too. Sarah pulled me away so I could go through my purse and see if I was missing anything else and I noticed my Gold Visa was missing. So the girls went back to try to get it.

Meanwhile, two Aussie guys we had met on one of the boats came over since they woke up to us screaming at this guy and the woman. Monika took off to try to find the police. The guy and girl stayed around and didn't go anywhere which I thought was weird. Finally, the police showed up and the Aussie guys had gone to get a girl they knew from their hostel to be our interpretor since she knew Croatian. We ended up going to the police station to give our statements and I got my Visa back. However, I had just cancelled it about 15 minutes beforehand.

In the end, I'm out about 70 euros and I no longer have that visa card but I have another one to use. I also realized I lost a momento Bekcy had given me in Cesky Krumlov and a ring I bought in Venice. It sucks when things that are worthless to someone else are stolen since I won't eb able to replace them! However, since I have my passpotr and my cards, I was pretty happy with how this all turned out since the closest embassy is about a 7 hour train ride away.

After it was all over with, we had quite a good laugh about the whole thing, especially thinking about the girls with their hands down this gross guy's pockets and Linda smacking him.

Tonight is my night ferry to Ancona and then I'm off to Switzerland. I had to say goodbye to the ladies after supper, which was hard since we had all hung out for the past week and have quite a few stories to tell.

I'm gonna miss you girls!

sshaunaa says:
haha the girls were ruthless ... it was awesome!
Posted on: Jun 09, 2008
michayla25 says:
Wow,that's bold of you guys to go and get your purse back!
Posted on: Jun 07, 2008
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