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Leaving the hotel with all our bags

This morning the alarm went off way too early, ringing at 6am. By 6:30 we were on the subway on our way to the airport. I had booked mom's flight through Areoplan, and it had really bad connections. The first flight at 1:30 (instead of my 10:30am flight) with a 6 hour layover in Montreal, getting her in at 11:30pm. We went to the booking agent and for $50 got her flight changed so she was on my flight and got into Halifax at 4:30pm. Much better and definitely worth the change fee!

Mom had given me a book to read by Nicholas Sparks called A Bend in the Road. Over the length of the flight to Montreal I read the entire 366 pages (although some of that was in the customs line up and waiting for the next flight)> I also had enough time to watch 27 dresses as well. That's how long that flight is!

In Montreal me and mom were parting ways and then she was onto Halifax and I onto Calgary. I was hoping to sleep on the plane to Calgary so I could go out for a friends bachelorette party but seeing as I landed at 5pm, which felt like 1am, and didn't sleep for a second on the plane, I had to bail on the partying.

So now I'm back in my apartment, half empty and definitely different than before I left for Europe. At least my cat is here and is very happy to see me. Now I have to get used to "normal life" and I'm not looking forward to it. Thank goodness for a 4 day long weekend!

free08 says:
Thoroughly enjoyed your blog.
Posted on: Jul 27, 2009
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Leaving the hotel with all our bags
Leaving the hotel with all our bags
photo by: Vikram