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The view from the top of the musuem

So today is Labour Day in Siena and all of Italy. Unlike in Canada where in terms of bus operation on labour day or any other holiday means a "Sunday level of service".  In Siena at least, labour day means absolutely no service. This normally wouldn't be a problem except my hostel is a half hour walk outside of town and my hotel for the night is a half hour walk outside of town in the opposite direction! This also wouldn't normally be a problem, but while lugging a 20 lbs backpack, a half hour walk seems like hours!!

So note to self: figure out holidays of the areas I'm visiting and plan accordingly!

So Leslie and I (Leslie, who was planning on catching a bus to visit a friend, had to make some major changes to her itinerary) walked from the hostel to the center of the city.

wow those clouds look scary!
After figuring out the town had really shut down, we parted ways. She, going to the train station to see if the trains were running and I, to check into my hotel on the other side of town.

I decided to stop into Il Campo to get some breakfast and soak up some sun. I felt something that looked like spit and was completely grossed out, until all of a sudden, the rain started to come down like a thunder storm. Everyone in the square went running for the cafes that line Il Campo to take refuge under the umbrellas. Once the rain stopped and the sun started coming out, I figured it was clear to take the hike to my hotel.

Once back into the town, I wandered around a bit, soaked up some sun (without getting soaked this time) and made my way to to the Duomo and the museum to go in to see them.

The view of Il Campo from the top of the musuem
On my way, I noticed a girl with a Canada flag on her backpack, so of course I had to go talk with her. We ended up going to the museum together, which had a spirally staircase that led to the top with a gorgeous view of the town and the tuscan countryside surrounding it. For 6 euros, I didn't think the museum was worth it until we got to the top.

Melissa is an art history major from Vancouver and had actually studied one of the paintings in the museum and told me that the virgin Mary, is always blue in paintings and told me other characteristics of other people typically in the medevil paintings I see in every museum / church. It was nice, since she was pretty much like a tour guide I didn't have to pay! haha

I decided that tonight, I would splurge and go to a fancy restaurant. I found one across the street from the hotel. It had cloth napkins and everything (I know, I know, uber fancy). After spending a rediculous amount of money on a meal for one person, I'm off to bed.

Not much else exciting happened today except I'm a night away from going to Rome! Can you tell I'm a wee bit excited?!

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The view from the top of the musuem
The view from the top of the musuem
wow those clouds look scary!
wow those clouds look scary!
The view of Il Campo from the top …
The view of Il Campo from the top…
The staircase. Veyr difficult when…
The staircase. Veyr difficult whe…
Melissa, myself and my crazy windb…
Melissa, myself and my crazy wind…
typical Italian fasgion ...bright …
typical Italian fasgion ...bright…
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