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Acadamy award won by an actress in an Anne Frank movie

After my night at the Christain hostel and eating breakfast in a room with a giant "Jesus" poster, I went in search of a new hostel for tonight. I walked to Volderpark and found a hostel a guy had recommended to me. They had room so that means I'm here for another night!

I'm not sure what my thoughts are about the red light district. It's famous and all, but the idea of walking down a street and having pretty much naked chicks in most of the windows, kind of creeps me out. I'm not gonna lie! So far I think I've only seen the "D" team as most of the women have been overweight or just plain nasty. I have a vision of one of the ladies burned into my retina haha

The city itself is pretty cool, since the streets are lined with canals. It's easy to get around in as well as long as you know how many canals to cross to get to your destination.

This guy was "red carding" everyone, even the police haha
The city has a really cool vibe to it as well. I read that Amsterdam is the "venice of the north" and I have to say I like it a lot more than Venice since it has some character and not all the shops are selling the same toursity knick knacks.

First thing this morning I went to the Anne Frank Haus. I'd recommend reading the book before you go, as each room has a quote or two from the book on the walls. It was really neat to see, but the rooms themselves are empty since all the belongings were taken when they were captured and Otto Frank (the dad) asked that they remain that way. I'm happy I went and could picture scenes from the book and could (try) to imagine what it would have been like to live there for over two years.

Afterwards, I wandered to the Van Gogh museum which has about 200 paintings.

It was pretty neat seeing the progression (and creepiness) of his paintings through his time as a painter. It's only the second art gallery / museum I've been to so I'm not painting'd out just yet.

Besides that, I've wandered around the city. There is Orange decorations everywhere (the colour in support of the football team) so I'm excited to go see the game somewhere tonight! These fans are pretty intense and if they've anything like they were in Switzerland, I'm in for a good night. :)

After heading back to the hostel to have a nap, I met Dana, a girl from Montreal. We decided we'd hang out that night and try to find the football game and from our short time together, we realize we have quite a bit in common. We also met three girls from Perth, Australia, who were raring to go out for a night on the town.

We went to a square that is lined with bars and restaurants and crazy orange decorations (including painted cows in the trees). We figured it would be a good spot to get in on the action. Well, we were right. After the half time break, we moved closer to the screens. When Holland scored, the crown went nuts and we all got covered in beer. It was so much fun. We also met a bunch of guys from Holland who were all pretty excited about their team's victory. Needless to say, the entire city was in celebration mode last night.  

It was quite the exciting / crazy night, partying with the local folk who were all going ape shit over the victory. It was a big win since this means Holland moves onto the next round. Go Team Orange!

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Acadamy award won by an actress in…
Acadamy award won by an actress i…
This guy was red carding everyon…
This guy was "red carding" everyo…
One of the many Jesus signs in the…
One of the many Jesus signs in th…
mmmmm waffle covered in ice cream
mmmmm waffle covered in ice cream
penis shaped pipes
penis shaped pipes
Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum
One of the many decorated restaura…
One of the many decorated restaur…
Shop with everything orange you co…
Shop with everything orange you c…
giant chess game in the park
giant chess game in the park
Giant wooden shoe
Giant wooden shoe
I had to take a picture of this one
I had to take a picture of this one
photo by: pearcetoyou