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After a somewhat restful night ferry to Ancona, a 5 hour train to Milan and then 3 more trains to get to Interlaken, I finally made it! The day went by faster than I thought it would, helped by finishing "The Kite Runner",  recommended by one of the ladies on my Croatian cruise. I had borrowed Steph's copy of "A thousand Splendid Suns", also by the same author. I recommend them both, but be warned, The Kite Runner starts off very slowly.

As the my train entered into the mountains, first in Italy and then into Switzerland, all I could think of is how just plain happy I am right now. I have met people along my travels that are writing in journals, but I never really wanted to write down my "feelings" since I've been so busy and having so much fun, I never really thought about anything "deep" :) But coming into the mountains and seeing how pretty they are, it's quite the feeling and I'm glad I can stay here a week if I want!

Nearing Interlaken, we trained past a giant lake, surrounded by mountains with little villages on them and houses scattered almost the whole way to the top of the mountain. I'm used to the Canadian Rockies, which are quite barren at the top with towns sitting at the base of the mountains. I had wondered if I would be wasting my time coming here to see more mountains, but they really are quite different and I'm happy with my choice.

After finding my hostel, I met three American guys that all wanted to see the football game. So off we went to find a place the hostel recommended to us. Halfway there, it started pouring down rain. Once again, I'd really like to have my rain jacket! We finally found the place and it was an outdoor area with beer vendors and a huge screen. The game was Germany vs. Poland and the German fans were out in full force, flags waving in the air. There's also a lot of people here from Hollond, all dressed in birght orange. It was a lot of fun and was more fun when we left there at half time to find somewhere we could watch from indoors. After the game (which Germany won) there was a parade of people walking through the town, cars passing by honking in agreement. I think I picked a good time to come to Switzerland.

Now hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll have some sun over the next few days!
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photo by: sherryshakarob