Finally in Hvar, the party island in Croatia!

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Today we arrived in Hvar and was greeted with a thunderstorm. The plan was to go out to a club that is supposed to be one of the top 10 in Europe. During the afternoon we walked up to the castle at the top of the hill, overlooking the town. We walked around a bit and tried not to get too wet.

After supper, a few of us went to the Penelopa boat, the other boat with young people on it. We watched one of the guys trying to join the "Buffalo Club" which invloves reciting a bunch of words with hand gestures and some drinking involved. If you mess up once, you have to down your beer and start over. The guy finished after seven beer. I was drinking wine and I think I drank faster without knowing it just because he was, the start of the night's demise.

We left the boat and went to the bar which was mostly closed due to the weather. We met up with Sarah, Steph and Nat who had met three French men who had taken them out to dinner. After a few Jager shots, I started to feel a bit sick. One of the guys from the Penelopa boat I had met a couple days earlier brought me back to my boat where I proceeded to rid myself of all that wine haha I felt so horrible about it but he stayed the night and made sure I didn't die, which I thought was absolutely awesome of him. Since we didn't dock at the same port as them the next day, I had to wait until Friday to thank him and apoligize. He said he thought it was funny but I still felt like an ass.

Some of the ladies had interesting evenings that night, so I was really the only one without fond memories of Hvar Town. Next time I'm here, I'm staying away from the wine! :)
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photo by: shell3737