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First thing in the morning, we took a bus to a medevil hilltop town named Eze. Catching the bus was a bit of a problem as we missed it by 30 seconds and chased it to a stop light. The bus driver opened the door, told us off in French for trying to get on at a red light and then yelled at us for not getting in!! haha There were a group of girls I had met earlier in the hostel also going to Eze so we ended up having a little posse. They had a good laugh at us for getting yelled at by the bus driver.

The bus ride to Eze was soooo beautiful, as is anywhere along the coast here on a sunny day. We were quite high up with a gorgeous view of Nice. Once we got off the bus, we made the trek uphill to the hilltop village. It reminded me of a scene off of robin hood, just on a hill instead of on flat ground oh and its in French. We were even singing the robin hood spoof theme song "we're men ... we're men in tights, TIGHT, tights" haha. Well by "we" I mean, me.  We took lots of pictures, were amazed at how friggen old everything was, took in the fantabulous views and then caught the next bus (after a 1 hour stopover) and headed to Monaco.

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random street
random street
an ok view from the top
an "ok" view from the top
chillin in Eze
chillin' in Eze
view of the jardins exotiques
view of the "jardins exotiques"
view from the bus when leaving the…
view from the bus when leaving th…
photo by: sweetet