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Of course this means ticket booth! (and NO information!)

So I figured spending 10 hours travelling, there wouldn't be too much to write about. I did not factor in the fact that I was travelling through the Czech Republic.

Leaving Berlin and the train to Prague was uneventful. When I has purchase my ticket, I accidently purchased it to Prague instead of to Cersky Krumlov (thanks to my stupidity and then the lack of English spoken by the ticket agent so I couldn't make changes), so I knew when I arrived in Prague I would have to figure our how to buy a ticket. I arrived in one of two Prague stations, the smaller one in the suburbs. I knew the train I wanted was leaving in about an hour, but I didn't realize it was leaving from another train station.

Departures board in Prague Station #2
When I first arrived, I looked for a bank machine. I found one, but had no idea how much money to take out since I'm not in Euro land anymore. The options went up to 5,000 Crowns so I figured, what the hell, I"ll take out 3,000 (and feel like a pimp) :) I later found out it's about a 15:1 ratio to the Canadian dollar and 25:1 to the Euro.

I then went looking for the ticket booth, which in every other city, is clearly marked and really easy to find. I did find an information person who spoke English who directed me "to the right and then to the left". Surprisingly, I found it. Once I had my ticket, I had to figure out how to get to train station #2. I went to a tabacco store and bought a 26 crown ticket with a 1,000 crown bill.

I then got on the subway and then arrived in train station #2.

I thought finding the train tracks would be easy, but since nothing is marked in English, it was harder than expected. I came across a sign for "New Public Toilets" and figured I'd rather go to those than the old ones, wherever those were! When I went in the washroom, it was a pay toilet so I handed the old guy (who was listening to Gangster's Paradise on his cell phone) the first coin I had. Come to find out, it was a 20 crown coin and I have no idea how much change he gave me back. I finally found the train and with about 5 minutes to spare.

After spending some quality time on the German trains, the Czech trains are brutal. They're old, dirty, noisy and slow (as described by a Czech person). I took a video of the sound the train made each time it stopped at a station.

Tracks? Sure!
It was so loud I had to cover my ears and hope it would eventually stop! 

I then arrived at my second station where I needed to change trains. The train was late but luckily I had chatted with a guy in sitting across from me that is Czech but spoke English and actually lived in Calgary a couple years ago. He helped me find out that the "train" I needed was a bus that was leaving that minute and from 400m away. He walked me there and I just made it. Thank you Mark!!! Apparently, the portion of the track from that station to the next stop was being repaired. No one told me this when I bought the ticket!

Then I made it to station number 4 of the day, and had no idea if I was on the right train since none of them were marked. I spent the next hour on a ridiculously slow train (I'll post a video), having to pee and not knowing if I was on the right train.

Oh the rickity old train
Not the best feeling in the world! I figured I'd make it to the end of the line and be in the middle of BF no where. The train stopped at these tiny, random stations, sometimes marked only by a crude looking shed. Pretty much everyone on the train looked like they were still living in the 80s. It was quite the little adventure :)

Luckily, I was on the right train and arrived in Cesky Krumlov. The information desk was closed and I had no idea which way to go, since my hostel instructions were from the bus station. So for the next hour I wandered around town looking for my hostel. I eventually found it after getting a good look of most of the town haha

Becky was there when I arrived and introduced me to the other people staying at the hostel. We all went out for supper at a restaurant right along a river. I really like the town already and have extended my stay another day. It's super hot here (not so much fun carrying a backpack), but we're going rafting tomorrow, so that should be fun :)

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Of course this means ticket booth!…
Of course this means ticket booth…
Departures board in Prague Station…
Departures board in Prague Statio…
Tracks? Sure!
Tracks? Sure!
Oh the rickity old train
Oh the rickity old train
One of the stations along the wa…
One of the "stations" along the w…
I couldnt quite figure out what t…
I couldn't quite figure out what …
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