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my aunt my curry rice

There are many cool and interesting things you can find in Japan, even in a small city of Yachimata. One you can just find in a toilet. You know those cool toilets with lots of colorful buttons?? Well, turns out my relatives already have them in their home.  It's not only the colorful buttons that were very noticing but the faucet and the handbasin on top the cistern as well. It's purpose is to save water so when you flush the toilet, water comes out of the faucet where you can wash your hands and then the water goes into the cistern which will be used for the next flushing.

Talking about flushing, I had a bit of problem with it. I took me ten minutes to figure out how to flush the toilet. There were just so many buttons and all were in japanese!! I just knew that there's one that I should avoid pushing and that one was a button with a picture of a 'bottom' with water spraying into it (you might know by now what's it for!).

for me, posing for a picture in front of a grocery store can be cool as long as its japan
So I tried pushing the rest of the buttons but still the toilet wasn't flushing! And then I finally saw the same lever used in other countries for flushing their toilets. Haha! So the Japanese still haven't figured out a cool way to flush the toilet, eh?

Oh by the way, the toilet seats are warm! I was very impressed!! Hehe!

Anyway, we went to the city of Chiba on this day.  I had to wake up very early in the morning (like 7:30!!!!) so we could catch the bus to the city.  When we were near a train station in Chiba I saw this upside down train which made me jump off of my seat because I never thought such trains already existed! I am such a dork. ~_____o

Since I didn't know about such trains, I also didn't know what it's called so I just named it upside-down-train.  The Chiba Monorail Train is the longest suspended rail system!  Suspended, meaning the tracks are on top so the train are actually hanging! I only saw it on a japanese animation and it was soooo cool when I saw one in real life. I tried taking a picture but I wasn't able to catch it with my cam.

We then got on a train (not the upside down) and went to the city center. I noticed so many people giving out free tissues. Instead of flyers, in Japan they mostly give out tissues with advertising on it (they are plastic wrapped). Very clever idea, I find it.

My Aunt's idea of sightseeing is probably just walking inside the malls. I didn't mind much but I got tired of walking around though. Would've enjoyed it if I had money to buy everything I wanted. I could but then I wouldn't be able to travel anymore?? So which one should I choose?

The salesladies in the department stores are quite interesting... and also annoying sometimes! Haha. They have this small squeaky voice and they would call out to you, "Irashaimase!!" (Welcome!) when they see you  walking towards their sales. Sometimes if you just stand there and started looking at one item, you would hear them again 'Irashaimaseeeee!!!' and you won't even have any idea where it came from. It's automatic! Just like robots! They know when you are eyeing out something. They can see you behind their backs. 'Irashaimaseeeee!!'

When we got to the clothes section for the young people (ehem, ehem, that includes me!) I noticed something different with the salesladies there. They were dressed as if they were mannekins. They had long bleached blonde hair, cool make-up and fashionable clothes (the ones they're selling) and they were really like models! In other countries we just use mannekins, but here the mannekins can talk (or squeak 'Irashaimaseeeee!!'), walk and just move.  They can definitely be models already!

After walking around the malls of Sogo and Mitsukoshi, we had our lunch. It was curry rice for me. I liked it but I didn't want too much sauce on my rice. I guess we went home after that. We took the train home (again, not the upside-down-train). I was sooo sleepy I had slept on the train and had an awful neck pain after.

We took the taxi home but this was not just any ordinary taxi. Why?? Well, the doors open by themselves! The driver will just push a button and voila! the door opens! Why didnt any of the engineers or mechanics in other countries thought of such thing, eh?????

After a short nap, everyone (except Kenneth) went to the grocery store.  I don't know why I enjoy looking around the stores so much in Japan. That's all I can remember that day. ^______^

skydiver says:
Oh yes, the japanese hightech toilets. I have a picture of one of them in one of my blogs. :-)
Posted on: Feb 06, 2008
hanamuke says:
hahahahaha so desu yo ne!
Posted on: Feb 03, 2008
darlingwish says:
thanks for the comments!
Posted on: Feb 03, 2008
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my aunt my curry rice
my aunt my curry rice
for me, posing for a picture in fr…
for me, posing for a picture in f…
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