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I'm trying my very best to make this sound like a travel blog and not as 'Hanie's Personal Dilemmas and Rants' so I wouldn't say much on how annoyed, mad and frustrated I was being with my Aunt and her friend, who's also a Filipina, in a mall early this day.  Period.

In the afternoon we went to the city of Chiba as they were having their Matsuri or summer festival. Kenneth was still, as always, not in the scene and Kenji decided to have some fun by going with his friends instead. So I was stuck with my Uncle, my fantastic Aunt and their friends Mr. and Mrs. Ishii.  My Uncle and Mr Ishii have their own conversations while my Aunt and Mrs Ishii also have theirs.

fireworks in Chiba
I was very bored and lonely. Glad to see the upside-down-train to cheer me up but I couldn't find its picture that I tried so hard to take. (x____o)"

Now here's something about the Ishii's. They're a really nice Japanese couple who's desperate to get their youngest son married. Their oldest son is already married and has three kids with a Filipina. And when they found out that I was from the Philippines as well they thought I would be interested in getting a Japanese husband by marrying their 30yr old bachelor just so I could live in Japan.  I didn't get offended since it wasn't the first time that I got into such issues. I had such experiences as well while I was in Norway and England like ugh-- getting marriage proposals from guys I haven't really gotten to know yet and even talked to much. There are women who would jump into marriage just so they could have permanent residency in a country instantly seeking a not-so-guaranteed better life.  But I am so not one of them. I don't need to do such things.  Wait, do I look like some sad lonely desperate single girl?? I hope not.

I only got to see Ishii's son once and never really got to know him personally so I'm proud to say now that I didn't get married and I am still so single, available and lonely.  If I would marry a Japanese guy I already have someone in mind and that would be Keita Tachibana, a pop star who I won't probably even see in real life. I have some connection with him though, I had a Japanese friend who's friend is a friend of Keita's brother.  Sounds like a very sad girl, don't I?

Ugh, now this is completely 'Hanie's Personal Dilemmas and Rants'! Going back to the summer festival...

This festival was a major one so lots of people were to be expected.  The fireworks show was the highlight of the event. Early comers will be lucky enough to get a good spot in the park by the beach where they could have a good view of the fireworks while some people who didnt get to have a nice spot to sit on  have laid their mats on the sidewalks instead. 

And then there were the really late comers who took an hour finding a parking spot, had to walk a mile and didnt even get to reach the park because the fireworks had already started, and had to climb up a wall of some harbour and sat there while some guard were scowling at them for doing so.  It would have sounded cool if all them were some teenagers! My Uncle got back to our car before the fireworks started and parked it near us so we wouldn't have to walk all the way back.

So after an hour of fireworks, a 150$ parking ticket and finding Kenji and his friend from the crowd we had dinner at some restaurant and went home.

darlingwish says:
hahah neknek, i dont regret it! hindi sya kagwapuhan at hindi pa matangkad.. hahaha i do hope i will meet keita one day!! *heart beats fast* bwahahahaha
Posted on: Mar 04, 2008
nekneknek says:
you should have taken that guy's picture! So at least we could judge.... mock him, or compliment him (for you to regret of some sort).. teehee. ^_^ You'll meet Keita soon..
Posted on: Mar 03, 2008
darlingwish says:
Posted on: Feb 28, 2008
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fireworks in Chiba
fireworks in Chiba
photo by: Andy99