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Yep, this morning was rainy and cold in Paris, but by the afternoon the rain was minimal however, it was still a bit cold. After lunch we went to the new Arch (not sure what it is called) that was built in the 1980s. From here you can see the Arch of Triumph (and vice versa) which is very cool, it's on a hill. I did not go to the top of this arch since I forgot my wallet / money (very smart huh!?!?!).

There is a mall beside it so we went there and walked around and I couldn't buy anything :(  I saw a jacket I wanted to buy and made a note to go back and purchase it since it was 50% off and the final price was 15 euros!

After the mall we walked around outside a bit and took some pictures of a sculpture. I'll post pics soon, I hope..

Then we went back to my friends place since it was cold and still a bit rainy.

In the afternoon we went back to the hotel and I picked up my wallet. Then I went by myself back to the mall to try and find the jacket but it was gone!!! Damit! I walked around for about an hour and a half or two and went to different shops to try and find a jacket (mine isn't very thick and it's not waterproof) for a good price but was not able to find one, drats~!

It is VERY strange but there is pretty big supermarket called Auchan La Defense (it's like a Walmart but no clothes, just food) inside the mall !! So I went in and bought some stuff to eat for dinner and some coke's. I don't know french very well but I managed to understand the cashier very well when she asked if I wanted a plastic back (which they charge .03 cents for by the way) and then when she asked if I had .29 and I said no so she had to give me change, which I guess they don't like. I know how to say hello, goodbye, fish and chicken and a few other words but that is about it.. which kinda sucks. Oh well, I'll have to learn more soon...
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photo by: Sweetski