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I got up early today, around 6 and got ready, my friend was picking me up to take me to the airport. I checked out and my friend arrived like at 7:30. We went to the airport and he dropped me off. I went through security and then I went to the American Airlines Admirals Club lounge, which is in gate 37 and my gate was 45, so I had to walk a bit, but it was well worth it.

I took some pictures with my iPhone of the lounge and then of the terminal so you can get an idea of the difference. At the lounge there are free snacks and cokes, water, coffee, alcoholic drinks and the seating is a heck of alot better than at the terminal. There are also less people in the lounge, less noise, etc. I waited in the lounge for an hour since my flight didn't leave until 11 and had a coke, some water and cookies, for free, you can't beat that! I can't say enough about Priority Pass, every time I am in an airport now I check to see if there is a lounge I can visit and it's always a good experience.

So the people at the lounge let me know when my flight was boarding and I made my way back to the terminal and got there with plenty of time and got was almost at the front of the line. We finally started boarding and the dang frenchies were at it again. Of all the people walking through I was one of a few that were selected to open my bag and they searched me! I had to take out my digital cameras (2), my video camera and my laptop and turn them all on so they could see if they were functional.

This really irritated be so I took my time and did everything really slow, which seemed to annoy the frenchie (yes). I finally got on the plane after fiddling around with the frenchie and started the 10.5 hour flight back home. I got a whole row of 3 seats to myself so I was able to lie down and sleep, which was great. We are almost at the end of the flight only like 1 hour left so this is the end of my 2 week travel blogs for London and Paris.

London and Paris were a great experience I will not forget and I loved the countries for their uniqueness, architecture, history and art. The  frenchies were irritating at times but I guess you find irritating people no matter where you are (but most of them are probably french). I had a great time and am very thankful for that. However, give me my car, the open road and some iced tea, I'm very glad to be home. :)

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