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So today is another half day in Croydon, so we took the Aldgate to.... Just kidding, I won't torture you with the turn by turn this time.

We had several meetings with other people in the office this day and didn't have any training. The meetings were good and we got an idea of how things are done in our UK office as opposed to the US office since the operation in the UK is a bit bigger so they do things a bit differntly although the outcome is the same. I guess the main difference is that one person in the US handles many things, as opposed to one person specializing in one main task all day in the UK.

Around noon we were done with our tasks in Croydon so we were supposed to head back to the Devonshire Square office for the rest of the day for a few more meetings. By this time it was raining cats and dogs and very windy. We had not eaten so we decided to make a mad dash to see if we could make it to a nearby restaurant for lunch. So much for those plans, we were beaten back by the heavy rain and wind and we had to go back to the office after advancing half a block.

We waited in a porchlike area back at the office and after a couple of minutes we decided to try and make a mad dash back to the S. Croydon train station instead, so we started running towards the station. After about a couple of blocks of our umbrellas being bent into all sorts of unnatural shapes we sighted a pub across the streat so we decided to run in and catch some lunch there and wait for the rain and wind to let up at least a little.

We dashed into the pub and we were pretty much soaked. We ordered at the bar and sat at a table, at least we were out of the rain. The food was pretty good and by the time we were done the weather was a lot better so we hurried back to the train station to make it back to the Devonshire Square office in time.

At DS we had a series of meetings regarding some Hong Kong things and SEO stuff also. After the meetings we were pretty much tired of all the adventure of the day so we made it back to the hotel. I took a shower and was supposed to eat dinner with a colleague but I had already made plans to be at the TB meetup so I excused myself and headed out to Camden.

I found 55 bar and went in, it was around 7:30 I think by now and I walked around a bit but didn't see anyone familiar from the forum. I walked out of the bar and then went back in for another look and still didn't see anyone so I went out and waited outside a bit to see if anyone familiar showed up. Unfortunately I think I missed them since it seems they went out of the bar for a scavenger hunt from what I can tell. Oh well, I went to a very nice Chinease restaurant that was close to my hotel for dinner, I had seen it before but it was never open late until today.

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photo by: ulysses