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Ahh, if I was the program coordinator. What would I do? What would I change? Buenos Aires was great. I think it was really important to stay in one place for a long time so that the whole trip doesn’t feel like you are constantly on the move. It was good to feel grounded somewhere. But there were so many amazing things in the rest of the Argentina, that the students should definitely be pushed out of the city to see the rest. It would be great to be able to really talk about the comparisons and see them as far as what happens outside of BA and the rest of the country. I feel like there is such a difference and maybe not everyone saw that. BA to me is an amazing city, but so Euro. It’s great to be exposed to this crazy place and know how much of how BA became and is what it is. Never change Gabriel! That man is amazing and deserves a million Nanos. The classes with him were the best way to learn in Buenos Aires. How can you talk about all the politics, culture and the history without going to where we went? They were amazing days, but so in the sense of not being wasted days of class. He’s not so bad to look at either, making it always a fun time for the ladies. Senior Tango? I don’t know. Maybe. I mean its fun to see how the city tries to sell tango to the tourists, but it’s more then a little hokey. I think the exposure was good and good at the beginning of the time that we were there. If there were another place to do that though, I would probably look into that. Something a little more real and authentic like the Armenian Cultural Center. Overall I enjoyed the way that the Brazil part of the program went. I thought that it was great to go to Floripa first so as not to go right to a big city in Brazil like San Paulo or Rio. I’ve enjoyed every expert we’ve had talk to us minus the university visits in Floripa, but I think that’s already clear. I do wish that we had spent more time in Brazil though because I enjoyed all the places and just felt like there should have been more time so as not to feel so rushed. The only thing I would have changed would have been this last week of the program. I am more than upset about how things turned out for the 12-credit group. I think that the whole thing in Rio is lame and still haven’t gotten over the end of the program being left like this. I absolutely admit to not being prepared and having all books read for our first class on Sugar Loaf. I can’t come to terms though that not being prepared for this day leaves me without classes for the entire last week. I signed up for the extra class not for the credit or grade at all. I am way over elective hours and do not need the three extra from this literature class. I signed up and paid 600 extra dollars for the class because of the discussions and group time. I signed up so that I could see and be in Rio like we’ve seen the rest of the cities we’ve been in. I wanted to have an in on the city that being with the program coordinator gives. It’s not the same to go to a part of town and just look at things when you don’t have the expert to give you the extra tips. I think it really sucks to leave on this note. I think as the program coordinator I would have been more flexible in this part of the trip. Most students were being trained throughout the whole program to be more flexible and understanding of not always having a schedule. We were taught to enjoy our time and balance that with the work as well. I feel that this last week totally killed that mentality established on the trip. The students who benefited from the pop quiz deserve no more of an A than other students. The work that they put in was not representative of that grade. As the program coordinator I would not base a grade for an entire class of work on one pop quiz. If I had thought that what happened this week was even a possibility I would have taken the $600 and stretched it for the rest of the time that I’m traveling before I have to return to GATech for the fall semester. ‘Not happy Bob, not happy!’ I’ve had a great semester up until this point and there are few things I would have done differently. I think having so many different speakers was a great benefit for the students throughout the semester. There is nothing really that I would do different than this last week in Rio. I think the program coordinator overall was amazing and is obviously experienced in handling these kinds of programs. Good job old man! Do you have your cellie phone?
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