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If you don't like snow this is not the place for you! This past week has been full of lots of snow! After a bunch of snow Wednesday we got a bunch more in the past week, on many occasions. It feels like real winter here! I haven't had a real winter in a while so it's very nice. Plus, the town is small with not a lot of cars that most of the snow is still pristine white. Of course, snow merits sledding and playing in the snow like a seven year old all over again! I did happen to get a butt sled, I just had to buy 8 candy bars to get it; and it was well worth it! I spent most of last week Thursday with one of my friend looking for hills to sled on. The end to a fun day in the snow when you're younger is hot chocolate, so that's just what we had!

I really haven't done much this week, just been working on school work. Most of my friends here are graduate students so they make fun of me when I tell them I actually have homework.
I always get asked if I"m getting stressed yet from all this homework. But even still my homework is still easy. Today, I sat at a cafe in centrum and watched people and what they were consuming. That's my homework. I know, easy. Besides that it was good swedish practice. I ordered in swedish and almost made it through the transaction of getting my pastry and hot cocoa, and she asked me something I couldn't understand. So she switched to english for a few words, then back to swedish. Usually with swedes, if they know you speak english or can tell you're not native they will automatically switch to english to speak to you.
I was surprised that she switched back to swedish when speaking to me; and happy she kept speaking swedish too!

My newest observation about swedes is that they love their queues and taking numbers for the queue; but they are the most impatient people in the world sometimes. If there isn't a machine to draw a number for the queue it's complete madness. You better pay attention in line, otherwise the person behind you will start pushing you forward. Funniest thing to me so far though is that at the city library. You actually have to get a number for the queue to return things, doesn't matter how many things you have! Besides that, the librarians will make you feel bad if you don't return everything at once. The always turn their computer screen and say 'you still have these out, why is that? when are you bringing them back?' It can be a very entertaining experience the first few times. Well, that's all the news for now. Not much is on the agenda for the next week since I've got some schoolwork to do.

lauro says:
i love your sweden blog! :D
Posted on: Mar 12, 2008
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