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Well, I've been here since Wednesday and I've had nothing but fun. The last of the corridor mates moved in yesterday and she is from Wisconsin, thankfully another new international student so I have someone to do all the orientations with. Yesterday morning I woke up at a normal time so I could go explore my new surroundings in daylight. I ended up walking along these trails near my place that were amazing. It feels like you really are out in the woods for a morning stroll. By the way, I have yet to spot a tree that is not a birch or pine. Seriously, they love their birch and pine in this town! After exploring that area a little I strolled downtown which is actually a 25 minute walk away. It turns out its bigger than I expected. It is mostly shopping and a little eating down there. It reminds alot of Nicollet Ave in Mpls, without the 9-5 suits everywhere, just ultra fashionable Swedes instead.

After that excursion I ended up walking back to the grocery because there is so much different food to look at. I spent last night going out to two of the different student pubs on campus. They have pubs on campus where they serve beer and liquor for cheaper than other places around town. Life in Sweden is by no means cheap, even food from the grocery can be quite expensive. I spent today going to yet another orientation full of common sense info; like not to walk alone at night, wear a hat, dress in layers and more nonsense. I've been here for a few days now and I still have no idea which way is north. You never realize how hard it is to find your way around in the dark until you're forced to because of so little daylight. The sun rises and will just sit above the horizon for a few hours, that is if it isn't sleeting and raining you can see it. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten lost in the dark. The Swedes here must not believe in street signs because spotting one is like going on a treasure hunt. This does not help with the neighborhood I live in, Ålidhem. All the buildings look almost exactly the same and half the time there aren't numbers posted. It's no use asking for directions because the directions sound something like this, "go over that hill and down that road and then you'll see a fence, go left and keep going until you come to another road..." I've gotten directions like this from everyone, even the tourists office.
lauro says:
hahahahahaha :D i loe your blog! :D

i love sweden.. its beautiful country..
Posted on: Jan 22, 2008
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