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James is the 5th Beatle....at Madame Tussauds wax museum at the top of Victoria Peak.


Yesterday was spent sightseeing around Hong Kong.  We walked past the Chanel, Dior and the like shops to get down to the star ferry terminal (where you can buy those Chanel, Dior and the like stuff from the local stands for $20).  From there, we caught the ferry over to Hong Kong Island where we caught the Victoria Peak tram up to....well, Victoria Peak of course.  The views here are stunning.  Overlooking the harbour and all the high rises of Hong Kong but the weather here is kinda cold all day but with a couple of hours of sunshine in the afternoon so all we copped was fog.  The views of fog though = breathtaking. 

After that, we went on a quick tour in a sanpan (fishing boat) around the fishing boat area and that was interesting but rather smelly.

As we wait for 2 more of our group to arrive on the bus, Lauren entertains us with a little rendition of Advance Australia Fair.
  After soaking up the fresh fish, rotting fish and fish bait smells we were all rather hungry and headed for the Jumbo restaurant.  This is the largest floating restaurant in the world.  Another 48 course yum cha meal.  This lunch had a bit of a prawn theme though.  We had prawn dim sums, prawn rice, prawn dumplings, prawn soup....ok, just think of that scene from Forrest Gump when he rattles off all the shrimp dishes – we were living that!  Man, am I glad I like prawns.

After we were all prawned up, it was time to work off the meal with some hard core shopping.  We headed to the Stanley markets.  These are at the south of the island.  I’d been here about 18 yrs ago and remember shopping so hard I had to buy a suitcase to carry back the stuff I bought.  The shopping was still good but we were on a time frame and the kids had but one thing on their list – shoes.

We meet Minnie.
  We stocked up on Converse and got outta there.  Job done.  Back to the hotel for, you guessed it, some more shopping – ok, we didn’t have a list but it was there for the taking so we just shopped for the fun of it.  I took the kids down to Nathan road (well, actually dragged them down there as there were moans and groans of “I’m tired” and “my feet hurt” that I ignored) so that we could see it at night.  All lit up with neon signs and electric banners, hustle and bustle of busy tourist shoppers everywhere – it really is something to see.

At 8pm we caught the bus from  Kowloon across the worlds longest suspension bridge (yes, lots of “worlds biggest/longest” on this trip) over to Lantau island and the home of Disneyland.  WOW!  Our hotel is very retro – think Hollywood in the 20’s.

The group.
  Everything is decked out very art deco – I love it!!  There is a little element of eerie though as the lifts and long corridors are very similar to those in The Shining (you know, with Jack Nicholson).  Another agent pointed this out to me - thanks for that!  Mickey is everywhere here.  We have Mickey Mouse wallpaper, shampoo bottles, shower curtains, carpet, need I go on.  Mickey should get together with the prawns...they could take over Hong Kong.

Today was spent at Disneyland.  It started off with a character breakie with Mulan (the kids thought she looked liked a real Mulan, too....in Hong Kong Disneyland, go figure!) and Minnie Mouse.  Sean is with us and he is our Disney rep.  He had our day planned down to the last minute – and to perfection.  We did the theme park anti clockwise, because most people do it clockwise.

Yes, of course I can make waffles like this at home.
  This reduced our waiting time on nearly all rides.  We also planned ahead and got fast track passes for the busy ones, like Space Mountain.  Sean had a system for everything and was way organised.  Think of the dad in the Griswald movies but without the bad stuff happening – it was awesome.  We crammed in soooo much.  I don’t reckon I could’ve seen so much on my own in 2 days.  Yay Sean!!

Space Mountain was a scream.  Never been on that ride before as they were doing maintenance on it when I was in L.A.  Took James on it though and he was an addict.  He loved the whole shooting around on a roller coaster in the dark thing.  Mind you, hates roller coasters out in the open.  Funny!  I sat next to Ben from Virgin Atlantic on our first ride for Space Mountain.

The fireworks display...once again, photo doesn't do it justice
  About 2 metres away from the front of the line, his mobile goes off.  Its his office in Sydney and he’s chatting away about work stuff.  Then as we get into the roller coaster and buckle in, he tells the office what he’s doing and he’ll have to go.  No – they say, keep the line open and we’ll put you on loud speaker in the office.  It’s amazing that you can get full mobile range within space mountain.  For the record, Ben screamed like a girl but I’m sure he will say it was all me. 

Fireworks finished off our perfect, action packed day.  We entered the park at 9am and left at 8pm.  Totally nackered!!  Kids are snoring loudly as I type away now.  Tomorrow we fly out at 7pm but we have a 6.30am wake up call. Yep, more Disneyland.  Cant get enough of it.  There’s another character breakfast to be had, the kids have an arts & crafts session booked for 2 hours while we do the Disney hotel inspection (yeah, yeah, there has to be a little bit of work here) followed though by a nice 30 minute spa treatment (I’m opting for the massage) and then it’ll be a day at the park again.  I’m planning on totally tiring out these two  for that torturous flight home.  Thanks Walt J.



debbiej says:
looks great shell love the sound of the rides looks like lauren is in practice for sing star in the pic. It sounds very busy and action packed. The group looks nice and not to big. At work and have to go have a blast love deb
Posted on: Jan 23, 2008
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James is the 5th Beatle....at Mada…
James is the 5th Beatle....at Mad…
As we wait for 2 more of our group…
As we wait for 2 more of our grou…
We meet Minnie.
We meet Minnie.
The group.
The group.
Yes, of course I can make waffles …
Yes, of course I can make waffles…
The fireworks display...once again…
The fireworks display...once agai…
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