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The kids!!

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare.  Whilst waiting at the gate lounge though, we heard the announcement.  The one I’d heard before and still haunted me like it was yesterday.  Our Virgin Blue flight up to Sydney was delayed. Oh, the coincidences were almost amusing – if I hadn’t been so worried, I would’ve stopped to laugh about it all.  Due to airline maintenance our flight was delayed by an hour.  As we had only 2 hours and 20 minutes in Sydney to transit and clear customs (ok, not my doing this time, these were all booked by Virgin I’m gonna add) I was a little nervous and reminiscent at the same time.

This time though, I had James and Lauren in tow and, although I knew I could run through the terminals at Sydney like Jana Pitman (from past experiences) I doubted the kids ability to keep the pace.

Hungry panda
  We got to Sydney and there was a delay with the transit bus.  So they sent us down to “Baggage Blues” for a cabcharge and then out to the taxi rank we ran.  I was ringing Ben from Virgin Atlantic as we drove around to the International airport.  He told me to go straight to the service counter because no one would be at checkin.  Don’t worry though, they were all waiting at the gate.  He was right – checkin was barron.  I’d seen this scene before and I didn’t like it.  Virgin were great though, acting as if we had all the time in the world and could just saunter down to the gate. 

We cleared customs, security and were running through the duty free section (alas no Kahlua this trip) when I heard it.

The balloon ride we went on. Awesome!!
.... “could Michele Sanderson please make herself known to the gate staff”.  Never thought I’d be one of those people called over the loud speakers.  The kids thought it was pretty cool but I was too busy stressing to stop and soak up the fame of it all.

We boarded the plane and walked through Business Class to get to our seats (there is one benefit of being stuffed around by Virgin.....bulk head seats – yay!!) when Lauren asked (rather loudly as Lauren does best) Are we in First, Business or Last class??  Never heard it called ‘Last’ class but it describes it pretty well, I think.  Certainly the ½ of business class that heard it thought it was rather amusing....they would, wouldn’t they – sitting in their large leather lounges sipping on champas.  Off to ‘Last’ class we went.

The hotel is great – comfiest beds.

On the cable car to the other side of the resort
  Maybe they were just more comfortable because it was the equivalent of 2am when our heads hit the pillows.  The buffet breakie downstairs was fantastic although it was accurately noted that there is no chocolate fountain like at the Shangri-La in Kuala Lumpur, by the kids.  Aged 8 and 10 – hey, they’re a tough crowd to please.

Our day was spent at Ocean Park.  Toni – you’re right...this was awesome.  We got there at 11am and had to leave at 4.30pm but could’ve easily stayed longer.  We didn’t get to do more than about ¾ of it.  Lauren and I screamed our way around this massive, awesome roller coaster.  This theme park is set on a really hilly island with a chairlift linking the two big sections of it.  Stunning views from every corner and adding a new dimension of terror on the rides as some of them take you soaring dangerously close to the water’s edge.

Jellyfish show
  Most tourists are asian which makes keeping an eye on the kids an easy task J.

We had lunch here which was a little average.  Not only did it take us about 20 minutes of lining up and cost a small fortune, Lauren announced to James and me that her lunch tasted like farts smell.  Surprisingly, James and I had had enough of our lunch after this little comparison. 

Dinner was a roaring success with the Hong Kong Tourist board hosting us all at a local Peking restaurant.  Bowl after bowl of Chinese delicacies and we were all rolling full.

Ok, this doesnt do it justice. It was amazing.
  The kids tried everything from Peking Duck ( surprisingly the kids struggled with the concept of eating a little quacking duck....not worried at all that the bowl beforehand held a little cheeping chicken) to marinated jellyfish.  All the kids in the group did really well trying everything – what little guns!

After dinner we went down to Hong Kong Harbour which is the most spectacular harbour in the world (well, in my eyes anyway – sorry Sydneysiders) and we watched the Symphony of Lights.  This is an awesome light show using the buildings of Hong Kong (which are tall, mighty and numerous) as a backdrop and props for a show of flashing lights, moving light pictures and laser lights (did I mention this show had lights!!) jutting out from the tops of high rises.  I was trying to think of a way to describe this magical light spectacular set to classical music boomed out from speakers across the harbour, and the best I could come up with is fireworks on acid.  It has to be seen to be believed.  The night was finished off with a proud moment by our group when our tour leader announced that it was an Australian company responsible for the technology behind the show. Go Aussies!!



mume says:
Hi, Michele, Lauren and James its good to hear you are all having a great time, keep up the good work and stay safe.
Love Mum (Nanny) and Warren
Posted on: Jan 21, 2008
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The kids!!
The kids!!
Hungry panda
Hungry panda
The balloon ride we went on.  Awes…
The balloon ride we went on. Awe…
On the cable car to the other side…
On the cable car to the other sid…
Jellyfish show
Jellyfish show
Ok, this doesnt do it justice.  It…
Ok, this doesnt do it justice. I…
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