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Mada'in Saleh:

Before we plan our trip to Mada'in Saleh, my brother told me that we need a permission from the government to visit the site. I thought it is a complicated procedure BUT it wasn't; simply he faxed a copy of our ID to the hotel along with the rooms reservation request; done deal!!! The hotel arranged everything.

The trip started early morning from my city, Jeddah, where I come from, on the way I've enjoyed the view of some towns before we reach Al-Ula. It was a long drive, 800-km drive from Jeddah. We entered Mada'in Saleh city also known as Al-Hijr, 400 km north of the holy city of Madinah. As it was already dark when we arrived and nothing to be seen; we stayed at Arac hotel in the Al Ula oasis.

Next morning I was ready to explore the area.

The site opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m and the Museum opens 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

 There I am, in the land of ancient Nabateans. It is a history of 500 years ago before the birth of Christ. Their kingdom stretched from the south of the holy city Madinah to Petra in Jordan. Mada'in Saleh was the oasis town for the travelers to rest after exhausted days of travel in the desert on their trade route from Yemen to Damascus. I was impressed by the view of the giant volcanic mountains and the huge rocks. The Nabateans had a marvelous skill in carving mountains into living and burial chambers and outside each tomb, there is an inscription. Do you want to know what they wrote!!!!!!!!! Hummmm, I won't tell, I leave it till your future trip to find out…

Another attraction is a huge palace "Qasr Albint" I practice mountain climbing on the top of the Qasr, it's a wower… there is also Qasr Al-Farid, the 13 square km complex which is full of odd-shaped hills.

Another history trace to see is what is left of a railway, called AlHijaz Railway around Al-Ula, used by pilgrims as their way to Holy city Mekka from Damascus.  The railroad was blown up during the Arab uprising against the Ottoman rule in the early part of the last century.

I encourage everyone to visit Saudi Arabia to enjoy its wonderful treasures. It is a place of love, peace and generosity of residents.





Boiseguy says:
Just back from a trip there and could not agree more. Fantastic piece of history. There is a brand new airport opening right outside of al-Ula at the end of June 2011. It will handle up to a 747 so a tourist won't have to make the drive unless they want to
Posted on: Apr 26, 2011
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photo by: ubirds