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I figured that there is only so much shopping a girl needs to do, so today I played tourist and caught the ferry to Wat Pho - this is where the giant golden  reclining Buddha was housed.  I'd heard a lot about it, but had never made my way to visit it.  So I made my way over to the ferry/boat terminal.

Luckily for me, where you catch the boat from I had to pick up a few shirts that were being made by a tailor for me anyway.  As a footnote - I know this has nothing to do with Wat Pho, but I can highly recommend the tailor in the Shangri-la Hotel - sounds like it would be expensive, but was the equivalent of 1400 baht for a tailor made shirt - you can design what you want with the cuffs, sleeve length, collars etc - and they have a great range of fabrics to choose from.
  I originally wanted to have a suit made for me except I didn't have enough time for a couple of fittings etc.  However, had one shirt made whilst I was in Siem Reap, then went to check if I was happy with it and check the sizing.  Made a couple of adjustments and then promptly ordered three more shirts to be made and sent back home to me in Australia.  The shirts all arrived within by the end of the next week - I was very impressed!

Anyway, caught the boat to Wat Pho and then wandered around the temples and pagodas before entering the main temple to view the golden Buddha.  When they (the guide books, tourists etc) say that it is huge, they are not lying!  It's quite an amazing sight and the photos don't really do it justice.  You can wander around the grounds and also have a traditional Thai massage, which is apparently also quite famous.
  So I did this as well - there was a massive long line of people waiting to have a massage, and they have a school which is about a 10 minute walk away, so I went there instead.  The Thai massage is nothing like the regular spa/aromatheraphy massages, and is a little painful whilst the therapists contorts your body and jumps on you using their elbows/knees to dig into your muscles.  Felt a little sore and sorry for myself straight afterwards, but about an hour later felt great.  I suppose, it's good to experience this whilst you are there.

And so, after this, I ended up riding the boats up the waterways of the Chao Praya river - very pleasant way to spend the afternoon.  I would be heading home tomorrow so it was a nice way to finish off my trip with a cultural experience. 

So, fast and furious, writing about my trip brings back all those memories and the excitement of travelling - so much so that I have to start planning the next trip!!!
Traveller_Gin says:
Great idea - like starting back at work after a holiday mid-week so you don't have to work a full week when you get back to work!
Posted on: Feb 12, 2008
Sunflower300 says:
I always have my next trip planned before I get home from one, that way I never get the 'just back from holiday blues', because I am already looking forward to my next one.
Thanks for the tip on the tailor.
Posted on: Feb 11, 2008
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