2nd Day in Manila - It rains the whole day.

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Inside Intramuros.

The plan was to wake up early, breakfast and try to explore Manila as much as possible. I woke up around 10 am instead. From the tiny window, I could see that it was raining. I went back to sleep. Woke up again later, it was still raining.

11: 00 am:  Still raining

11: 32 am: Still raining

11: 59 am: Raining still.

12: 40 am: Yes, you guess it, still raining.

By 1: 20 am, the rain has subsided. It is still raining but one can still walk. I took a shower and went out. 

The plan was (another plan) is for me to walk from Jowad Pensionne House to Roxas Boulevard, passing through the American Embassy, cross the road to Rizal Park and then hop over to Intramuros. Simple enough. Nope. I walked for 1 hour and in the end arrived at Pedro Gill MRT station, which is just 100 meters from Jowad Pensionne House. I have been going in circles. How can I be so dumb.

So, I took a train from Pedro Gill Station to United Station station and from there I walked to Intramuros by crossing the underground walkway. It was just after school hours and everywhere there were school boys and girls in uniform walking about. All headed to McDonalds.

It is still raining but tolerable. I always wanted to visit Fort Santiago and St Agustin Church. I have seen pictures of it. But, for the love of God , in the rain, I just couldn’t find it. I ended up in Manila Cathedral. The Cathedral of Manila is impressively beautiful, reminded me of the churches in Andalusia, Spain. I wanted to go inside but there was a wedding reception going on at the church and it would be rude to intrude. So I trudge along still looking for St Agustin Church, but to no avail.  A few horse carts kept following me, asking me to hop on for a tour. I politely said no and didn’t even ask about the fee. I am on a tight budget. As I was walking along the walls of Intramuros, taking pictures of the historic Manila Hotel (where General McArthur once stayed), the ruins of Baluarte de San Diego and the Reducto de San Pedro (the one in the middle of the golf course), I was hit by a golf ball in the head. I repeat, “ I WAS HIT BY A GOLF BALL IN THE HEAD!” Ouch! I took the golf ball, throw it in my bag pack and left.

The rain starts to pour in again, heavily. Just like any good sensible person, I went to the mall. I don’t remember its name, it is near the UN station just next to the school. After passing through security, I went inside for a cup of coffee. It is still raining.

There is nothing much to do, so I took the MRT to EDSA station and from there hop on to the blue line and stop at Ortigas Station, which is a short walk to SM Megamall.  I spent hours and hours at the Mall looking at everything and anything. Everyone is spending money like there is no tomorrow.

Return to the hotel at night, took a shower. Dinner in Jollibee and later went to catch a movie (The Golden Compass with Nicole Kidman. It was awful by the way). Retire at midnight. It is still raining outside.

Caliber-A says:
hey roslan, you really did lots of 'walk' in manila, hehehe...reminds me of my days in KL - walking from Bukit Bintang to Kotaraya.
Posted on: Oct 20, 2011
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Inside Intramuros.
Inside Intramuros.
The ruins od Baluarte de San Diego
The ruins od Baluarte de San Diego
Me near the ruins of Baluarte de S…
Me near the ruins of Baluarte de …
Reducto de San Pedro
Reducto de San Pedro
The horse buggy that keeps followi…
The horse buggy that keeps follow…
The Cathedral of Manila.
The Cathedral of Manila.
The main entrance of the Cathedral…
The main entrance of the Cathedra…
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