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Sybil enjoying the sun at Venice Beach.

This was one of those days I’m acutely aware of how lucky I am to live in SoCal.  It’s the middle of January and the sun is shining and warm and it’s absolutely gorgeous out.  Admittedly, the day didn’t start out fabulously since UCLA lost to USC in a very lethargic, sloppy basketball game.  We were able to assuage our sorrow with spicy bloody mary’s, bar food (chicken tenders, guacamole and chips and quesadillas) and fun company at Q’s– a sports bar in Brentwood - but it still sort of sucked to lose.


Determined to enjoy our beautiful day, we headed out to Venice Beach.

Me doing the same thing.
  Some people find Venice and its eclectic mix of characters strange and weird, but I have always found it a fun, casual place.  Yes, there are strange and weird people – but so what?  It makes for great people watching, and often you get into random conversations and discover new perspectives and knowledge.  We initially wanted to go to a beer garden, but it was way too busy so we found a slightly divey bar right in front of a group of men and women beating drums and displaying their colorful artworks.  I think the bar was called Venice something bar.  Really not anything special other than it still had room in the patio area and we wanted to sit out in the sun.  The service was slow, but friendly.  We enjoyed the drumming and waited for the sun to set.  While we were waiting we realized we were sitting next to a parrot club of some sort – essentially men and women meeting with their pet parrots – grand, flamboyantly colored creatures.
One of the parrots at the parrot meeting we stumbled upon.
  One bird actually flew away and the panicked owners ran off in chase.  Fortunately the bird was located and returned safely. 


As the sun began to dip towards the horizon, we moved indoors for warmth, but still had a birds eye view of the sunset.  Inside we met another group of interesting people – friendly bartenders, a man who insisted that every song playing on the bar’s stereo systems was being sung or played by him, and a white rapper.  Then we were treated with some live music (not great, but fun nonetheless). 


We ended the day with dinner at Orris – a japanese small plates place.  (see review)  With my belly full, I headed home after a lovely, languid day out.

keatsdad says:
Funny. When I lived in LA I used to spend time down on Venice Beach. That was a crazy area. One time I roller skated from my apartment at Pico and Barrington to the beach. It wasn't bad going, but coming back was torture because I was exhausted. Plus I never was great on skates so it was an adventure... :)
Posted on: Mar 23, 2008
sybil says:
I think it is called Venice Bistro. A bunch of fun and/or scary characters in there. :D
Posted on: Jan 20, 2008
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Sybil enjoying the sun at Venice B…
Sybil enjoying the sun at Venice …
Me doing the same thing.
Me doing the same thing.
One of the parrots at the parrot m…
One of the parrots at the parrot …
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