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Today we got up and hung out at the farm for a bit, went for a little swim, had some beers. It was like 10am and they asked if I wanted a beer and I asked what time it was and they were all like 'You're in Australia who cares what time it is just have a beer!' So I did. After hanging out there for a bit we got told by the neighbours to turn down the music even though it was barely on! Jerks. So we all went to Wes' house. He has a really nice house too, big yard with a pool and a trampoline. We had a few drinks there and then Hamish took his clothes off again and was running around like an idiot lol. He did some naked flips on the trampoline and then put his clothes back on. He's an odd one that guy. We sat around there for a bit before heading back to the farm.

Steve let us watch a movie in his room because it has AC so some of the boys went down to Video Ezy and rented one. They got this movie called Gone. We started watching it and it ended up being about a couple backpackers from Ireland who go to Australia and meet an American guy they travel with for a bit who ends up murdering them! Isn't that nice. They rented it just to scare me but it wasn't that scary or that good of a movie at all so jokes on them. The movie wasn't that long so they went to rent another one and get a feed and when they came back they couldn't find the movie. Turns out Richard left it at the counter of KFC and when they went back to get it it was gone. Idiots. We just watched So You Think You Can Dance. Then like the funniest thing ever happened. Well it might not seem funny typed out but it was. Macca(who is slightly overweight...) was leaving and Steve yells out 'See ya Macca, have a whale of a time'. We all started laughing sooo hard and Macca came back and sat on Steve who then says 'He's attacking me, quick harpoon him'. We were all dying it was so funny. But don't feel bad for Macca hes a proud fat man. After the show everyone left and we pretty much went to bed.

lovely_lori88 says:
haha!!!! omg you don't know how much i am laughing right now? i am sitting at the bunac office laughing like a crazy person and people are looking at me!! too funny mel!! your friends sound great!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
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