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nick and jake at the side bar under the wake up hostel

So now I'm gunna get pretty lazy with my updates and just do the rest of Sydney in one.


All my new friends went over to Bondi but I had some errands to run. First went over to find the IEP office and find out when my orientation is and buy my cell phone. Also used my free internet there and found out that HEATH LEDGER DIED what the heck!! So sad. After I went to the VOdafone store and started up my cell phone. I ahd a new message and I was like wtf and deleted it, realizing later that it was from one of the guys from the farm! I was so mad, luckily it all worked out and I've been texting him ever since:) Afterwards I had lunch at Mackers at talked to an older aussie lady for a while and also met a really nice american girl.

me, nick and jake
After that I just went back to the hostel and chilled out there, sent some emails. I met my new roomies and they were so nice! Hannah made dinner for me because it was her last night and she ahd to use all her food. That night I went to the side bar with Nick, Jake, Jamie and Brie. It was pretty good times, didn't stay too late because I had to wake up semi early in the morning.


I went to my orientation at IEP for 10am, got there a little early. Nick went over to rent a suit for a wedding he has to go to on the 9th. My meeting was done at like noonish and afterwards we went out for lunch. Did some more wandering around Sydney and at like 5:00 we went to get our bags and head over to the airport. We took the train there and got there in like 15 minutes. We check our shit in and then were pretty much on our way to Melbourne! The whole plane ride there we listened to Dane Cook:)

lovely_lori88 says:
Dane Cook!!! Omg it's the thing to do when your waiting around lol
Posted on: Jan 31, 2008
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nick and jake at the side bar unde…
nick and jake at the side bar und…
me, nick and jake
me, nick and jake
me and jamie
me and jamie
photo by: Sunflower300