My last night at the farm:(

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my aussie family! gordo, matt, andy, kayla, rob, dick, steve, macca, steve, tommy, mel, me, sis and nan! that is who is always at the farm on any given night haha
After mooching off the amazing people at the farm for 2 months, it was finally my last night. I was excited to leave and start something new but at the same time sad to leave all the new friends I made and be alone for a while..Sis decided to have a big feast for my last night, and boy was it unreal. All the regular boys came around as well as Steves friend Rob. Sis was in the kitchen for ages so I was really excited for dinner. Mel came too and brought her devil dog Shamus. We all sat around chatting for a while, for the LAST time:(..The boys went to the bottleo to get some piss for the night. When they got back Tommy fired up the barbie and cooked some steak and sausages. Dinner smelled sooo good I couldn't wait! When we went in to get some food it was a mad rush, there was so many people trying to get whatever they could haha.
go to the farm on any night of the week and this is what you'll see...mel, dick, tommy, steve, matt, macca, steve, andy, me and kayla!
There was so much food though! It was like a weeks worth of yummy dinners all in one night! I piled my plate pretty high as I knew it would be the last night for a while where I got yummy homecooked food. It tasted as good as it smelt to, it was probably the best feed I've had in a long time. And there was dessert too! A giant pavlova. Mmm. After dinner we chatted some more, some people played pool. Watched some TV. It was really sad though, just because I knew I wouldn't get that kind of thing for a long time again, just sitting in a house watching TV with friends. Gordo gave me $100 for the construction work I did on friday though! woohoo!! I also got a great group photo. It seems like theres so many people but looking at everyone, thats just how many people are at the farm on any given night! I'll miss that..they were all so nice to me..:(
lovely_lori88 says:
awww melissa that's so sad, they sound like such amazing people!
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
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my aussie family! gordo, matt, and…
my aussie family! gordo, matt, an…
go to the farm on any night of the…
go to the farm on any night of th…
the feast, or what was left of it …
the feast, or what was left of it…
kayla and the pavlova she made
kayla and the pavlova she made
everyone waving.
everyone waving.
showing off the muscles
showing off the muscles
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