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Not a very eventful day I don't think, but Happy St. Patricks Day! Didn't do too much. Gordo wanted Sis to take photos of their job site at Eatons Hill so I tagged along to see what was up. It was pretty sweet, actually I had no idea what was going on it all just looked like a bunch of dirt. To each his own I guess lol. Afterwards went back to the farm and hung out, chatted to Nan for a while. Wrote in my journal. At night some of the boys came over and chatted to them for a while. Sis had told me to tell one of them to clean up the mess that Sid made(the puppy) and I said I'd do it but she said to get one of them...So I asked and they just went off and said no way, that I should do it lol. I knew that would happen. It was funny too, we were sitting outside.

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.me, Andy, Dick, Macca and Nan and talking and whatever and Nan is like 75, in a wheelchair, one arm is paralyzed and she can't move her legs but she is a riot. She was saying that if anyone ever picked on Matt(her grandson) they'd have to get through her first and she was gunna kick their ass if they ever made fun of him. It was hilarious. She also smokes even though shes not supposed to(and she steals ciggies off the boys, its so funny) but she says if a stroke and a kidney failure can't kill her, than neither will smoking. When the rest of the boys got there they told them about the mess Sid made and that I asked them to clean it up and the Macca came up with the idea of job list for me. So he went inside and wrote one out. It was so fucking funny, I laughed so hard, I took pictures of it and you have to read it, hilarious.


Today was my first day shift at work! Woot. I was still coughing a lot so I wasn't sure how that would go..but I went and it was okay. I don't really like it too much, they're really strict about everything and it stresses me out and I don't like being stressed out! I served a few tables though. I talked to one lady for a while about Canada, it was sweet. But then I started having a coughing attack, it was nuts I couldn't breath..which doesn't look so good to customers eh. So they sent me home at 2:15. Which was alright, it was slowing down anyway. Back home there was a few of Sis's family there so I talked to all them for a while, super nice people. Later on the boys came over and it was puppy school night! I decided to go this time to see what went on here. Dick was sick and Mel had work to do so I went with Matt and Steve Lewis and 2 dogs. It was actually so funny, they are staffy's and they are not well behaved at all compared to the rest of the dogs, they're nuts it was awesome. After puppy school we went and got slushies. They bought one for me on the condition they got to pick the flavors. They thought it was soo funny they picked the most sour flavor and put shitloads of sour stuff in it, but jokes on them because I liked it. We went and dropped Shamus off, then Steve Lewis and then went home.


Today I got a piece of paper in the mail saying I had a package at the post office to be picked up after 4!!! I was soo excited, I had absolutely no idea what it was. I also phoned work and told them I have hooping cough and that I didn't think it would be a good idea for me to work that night, seeing as how its highly contageous. Ohh well. I hung out at the farm all day, the boys came over at like 3ish and I talked with them for a while, at 4:30 we went up to the post office and I got my package, it was from my mommy! I opened it back at the farm, it was a big huge easter egg with candy and makeup in it! And my little brothers hockey card!:) I was soo excited it was awesome. Such a good day. That night was a pretty slow one, just chatted for a while. They boys fixed up the Roodub so it would be ready to go tomorrow night for the drive up to Rainbow. They turned a 5 seater into a 7 seater..thaats legal..

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canadas job list...the top of the …
canadas job list...the top of the…
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