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this is where we made our boomerangs

So today I went into the city and met up with Amber and Angela, the 2 girls I travelled with in Melbourne and some other places. I met them at their hostel at about 11 and then we went for lunch. It was nice catching up, I hadn't seen them in like a month. After lunch we wandered around for a bit and then they said they had vouchers to make boomerangs so I decided to join them. It was $40 and you get a sweet boomerang that you draw on and paint. It was actually pretty fun but really hard as I am not very creative. We got there at like noonish and were there for like 4 hours! But it was a great souvenir. The shitty part was that it wasn't dry in time for me to go home! So I felt like the biggest jackass ever and had to walk to Central station and then take the train for 40 minutes carrying this stupid boomerang in a box.

angela and her boomerang
So many people stared at me and were like 'Going hunting?' like they were so person was like 'You know those don't actually work' I said yeah well I'm not actually gunna use it. Some people standing around me laughed, it was sweet. When I was on the train I realized that I got on the express to Caboolture which goes past my stop so I had to get off at Southbank and wait for a new train. Thats like the 3rd time I've done that. But I got back to Strathpine and Steve picked me up with my stupid boomerang.

I got back to the farm and the boys were all there and we sat around at the table for a bit, trying to figure out somewhere to drink as usual before deciding on Andy's. Steve Lewis drove us in 2 trips, first was me, Hamish, Macca and Dodd.

that is the contraption i had to carry around for like 2 hours. theres no pictures from andy's because people make fun of me when i take pictures so i have to choose my nights
I called my friend Angela who was in Brissy at the time and she was probably gunna come out to the farm tomorrow night with Amber. Aaand they all talked to her on the phone and said dumb things. It was a while before the rest of the guys got there. We hung out and drank there for a while, they played some pool. Wrestled on the grass. Then a bunch of girls showed up and took over the table. But they didn't stay long so we sat down again. Macca decided it would be a good idea to skull 6 rum throw downs in honestly like 3 minutes. Turned out actually not to be the best idea.  He spwed not too long after, for obvious reasons. Nat thought he could beat Macca and skull 3 extra drys in a big mug and that turned out not to be such a good idea either. He spewed almost right on the table. Also, 2 of Sis's shot glasses got broken. We got kicked out of Andy's at like midnight because Nat went to Johnny(andy's dads) and woke him up...Johnny apparently said 'Nat. Fuck off' and then he came out and told Andy to get the fuck out. So that meant it was time to goo. Steve Lewis wasn't drinking so he drove some of us and some were walking behind him. Me, Dick, Conway and Steve were in the car and the rest of them wanted to walk, even though its a 7 seater. Who knows why. We got back and decided to watch a movie in Conways room and then everyone else got back and Dodd slept in my bed so I slept in Conways room on the floor with Andy. Who is the biggest blanket hog ever. I woke up so many times with no blankets at all and when I tried to pull some away Andy had like a death grip on them! And the air con was on so it was bloody cold. Oh well..

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this is where we made our boomeran…
this is where we made our boomera…
angela and her boomerang
angela and her boomerang
that is the contraption i had to c…
that is the contraption i had to …
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