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another mystery day.


Found out in the morning that Dick dropped his keys in cement at work so Trent came and got his spares and was gunna drive them out to him and I decided to go for the drive. It was about 40 minutes away, on the south side of the city. It was actually a pretty fun drive...and we were in the most illegal car ever. It wasn't insured, the exhaust was WAY too loud, it was way too low to the ground. Apparently cops hate that car, cant imagine why..But it was a riot to drive in, so fun. On the way back we stopped for food and then went back to the farm to change cars then we went for another little drive to a car shop with Matts car. Then back to the farm. Not a lot else went on today. Matt, Dick and Mel had puppy preschool again. Watched some TV and then went to bed.


An uneventful day again, didn't do a ton during the day except I prepared for my first shift at Jaspas! I was pretty nervous because I told them I had serving experience which I do not, ooh well..I was able to get a drive from Sis which was awesome. I started at 5:30 and spent the first 30 minutes reading the menu. Then it got really busy! I followed Leigh around the whole not and felt like a bit of an idiot. I managed to fall and burn my arm and get a bruise and break a wine glass on a woman it was sweet. Gordo was able to pick me up from work which was really nice, I got off at 10 and went to bed.


Sam and Andy were here again today! Dick was here too, he was off work and he mowed the lawns and Andy was running around chasing him lol. Then as usual he started to freak out again. But other than that an uneventful day. I went to work at 6 and it was pretty slow so me and my new friend Bec got to leave at 8:45 and she gave me a lift home which was nice. The boys were mostly all still here so I stayed and chatted with them and had some dinner that Sis saved for me and then went to bed.


I figure I'll leave it with the weeks events because it wasn't tooo eventful an evening. I didnt do much all day and then at 3ish Nat and Macca pulled up and asked if I wanted to go to the pub and I jumped on it and we went down the the Albany Creek pub. We played some pool and had some beers and hung out for a bit. We went outside and put our beers down and then SOMEONE(nat) spilled my beer all over my shirt. Then Dodd came and sat for a while and we went to buy some booze and then went back to the farm but not for very long as we were going to make a night of it at Dodds. We drove up there and started drinking some more. Then Hamish and Louie came and wanted Macca to go with them to get booze(because they're 17) but he said no so I took one for the team and volunteered. We came back and drank some more and hung out, the same thing we always do. Then later on all the girls showed up again for a bit. Then they left after a while. We hung out inside for a while..I beat Steve Lewis up. :D I walked home at like 12:30? maybe I actually have no idea...with Tim, Macca, Louie, and Hamish and I carred my carton of 4X gold with me because I ALWAYS buy a carton, drink half and it goes missing. It took what seemed like forever to get home. But eventually we did. Good night.

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