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Monday, Tueday, Wednesday:

hmm, this will be a boring entry. I pretty much only write what I do every day for my own reference, as you can see if you read some previous entries that I forget what happens some days fairly quickly. Monday I don't think I did anything..Oh I went to the shops with Sis and returned my uniform to Jaspas(I quit...hehe).

Tuesday Kayla came! She has a very sad history, her mom and dad were killed in a housefire when she was just a few months old, it was the first time she was ever babysat by her grandma(who is now her mother). Helena(the mother) has a sister, Zoe, who is best friends with Melissa(sis's daughter) and Marie and Joe(the grandparents turned parents) are good friends with sis as well. Sis has been looking after Kayla since she was little and she always comes here on school holidays. Shes really special to everyone here because she was supposed to be in that house with her parents. Anywho, so I was at the shops with Sis again and we saw Kayla, Marie and Joe! So they left Kayla with us and we went grocery shopping. Afterwards we came back and chatted with Marie and Joe for a while. They were going to Phuket at midnight that day and were gunna stick around for a few beers before they left. They are super nice people, soo funny! They run a retirement center/care home up in Marybourough. Mel came over as well and so did Dan. Steven Lewis drove them to the airport later on as well. It was a good dinner tonight too! Steak on the barbie. Yum

Wednesday is a nothing day! I walked around the farm area with Kayla looking for a good tree to make a cubby in. We couldn't really find a good one and at noon the Canucks game was on tv!!! I was soo excited, my sister was at that game too! Too bad it was a bullshit came and the canucks sucked! They lost 4-2, but hey, at least I got to see a game! After I went outside and chatted with everyone for a bit..read Zoo magazine like we always do. Thats a good magazine eh. Its funny. The boys bought some Macca's, like they always do. Dinner was yummy, we had risso's. Yum. I got a phonecall at 3am as well, from my sister telling me she passed her driving test!! Yay!! 3rd times a charm eh linds?

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Albany Creek
photo by: melissak