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Soo first thing in the am noone wanted to drive to bli bli. Noone wanted to do anything. So we layed around for a bit and then decided to go to Brodies for breakfast/lunch at like 10ish. We drove out there but me and Dodd got macca's because Brodies is more expensive and I don't think its as good. When we were in macca's it started to piss rain outside so we ran back over to Brodies and on the way Dodd's bag broke and his food fell everywhere, it was soo funny. He quickly scrambled to pick up as many fries as he could and I grabbed his snack wraps. When we got into Brodies we ate and then went back to the farm. At noonish everyone decided wakeboarding was a good idea, so we went. I went even though I probably wasn't gunna wakeboard but what else am I gunna do. I went in Steves car with him and Dodd and the rest went in Steve Lewis's car.

We got there at about 1:30 and the guys just bought 2 hours instead of the 4 because it was really windy and the water was pretty choppy. I watched for a bit, its always entertaining to watch the boys try and land back flips. Wes actually landed one today, out of probably more than 20 tries. Dick tried to land a bunch today too, he actually got close which was surprising. Dodd was crazy funny, he ate shit soo hard on the same corner twice, it was hilarious...for us, not so much for him he said he hurt his shoulder. At one point Andy tried going off a jump but didn't land it and Dodd came up right behind him but couldn't move so he ran right into Andy. It looked kind of painful and we were all watching and after when they were both there all we heard was "Sorry Andy"...it was soo funny, maybe you had to be there though. Matt still can't get around the corner and Steve didn't even stand up once. I went to try and buy an hour but the guy wouldn't let me even though I bought an hour last weekend. jerks. I guess I'm not as smooth a talker as Tommy, who convinced the guy to give us an hour each last week.

Everyones time ran our at 3:30 which was when we left to drive to Cotton Tree and get some fish and chips. It was just at this little hole in the wall place but apparently they always go there. I got 1/2 calamari and chips but as it turned out, I would have been fine sans the chips. Oh well, live and learn. After dinner we drove back to the farm and watched a movie in Matts room. It was a bit squishy with me, Dick, Andy, Steve, Matt, Macca, Tommy and Dodd in the room. But we watched Hot Rod...that movie is SOO funny holy crap I laughed the whole way through, I say everyone has to see it!!

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Bli Bli
photo by: emilysilvester